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Booking Bands in Dubai

Booking Bands in Dubai

You have the event planned, the food ready and the guest invited, but what about the music and entertainment?  Many people would choose to hire a DJ for either background music or for enticing partygoers to the dance floor, but what adding a new twist and hire live entertainment?

Experiencing live entertainment is the new "must do" for Dubai.  It's a break from Dubai's usual hard and fast dance halls and adds a personal element to the evening.

Using a booking agency in general can take the headache out of finding the right band for your event.  You should get personalized advice from an experienced professional who has knowledge of the acts available and what would fit best with your venue.  A good booking agency will also be able to handle negotiations with the bands, often ensuring your get a better price.

In some cases a good Dubai booking agency will have video clips of the different bands available and can vouch for quality and dependability.  After all, any booking agency in Dubai will be conscious of their reputation and wish to uphold it, especially in Dubai where this is essential for business survival.

If you are planning entertainment for a young audience, a good booking agency can give you advice on the latest trends.  They will also be able to provide all equipment and ensure optimum sound quality for your entertainment venue.

Good Booking Agency in Dubai

There are plenty of event management companies in Dubai but in many cases these can be costly.  The new initiative with Lime Green Entertainments however, certainly turns a few heads. 

Bands across Dubai are coming out of their bedrooms with the help of entertainment and booking agency, Lime Green Entertainments - the holding company for Dubailime. 

Through this booking agency, you'll be able to pick n mix one or several bands and singers to play live music at your event. 

Lime Green Entertainments focuses on local Dubai talent for events and open mic's across Dubai.  They have an online community that brings in a steady flow of new talent, giving them a platform to showcase their music.

What's more important than anything is that people actually like these guys.  They're not in it to get rich, they just wanted bring live, original music to the entertainment scene in Dubai.  The founders have other business initiatives meaning Lime Green Entertainments can focus on the talent and not the money and in many cases you'll find a band to be a far more cost effective, not to mention unique, addition to your event.

Lime Green Entertainments

Lime Green Entertainments LLC Dubai was created to bring Dubai's community the best in local talent, by supporting local artists and helping in launching their careers.  We aim to be nothing less than the Number One Entertainments Company in Dubai, respected by our clients and contributing to our community.

Holding different activities Lime Green Entertainments discovers and filters local talent in several artistic fields.  Lime Green Entertainment aims to select the most outstanding individuals and groups to work with, providing their management, commercial booking, PR and promotion.

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