Dubai Flash Mob

The Dubai Flash Mob

Wanna do something unusual? Something you've never done before? Something just for the really selfish reason of having fun?

Ever heard of a flash mob? Want to be a part of one? The leading provider of Flash Mobs and Dance Perfomances in the Middle East is on the hunt again! This time they want 400 people to burst into a performance!  - Visit the Dubai Flash Mob Company Here

No charity. No causes. No sponsors. Just you... and maybe a little sweat. (Hey, we never said this was gonna be easy)

Where? When? How? Why? You decide. Let's discuss, debate and concur Dubai Flash Mob with just one sole objective - to have a blast.

A little flexibility is needed but you don't have to be Chris Brown. There are expert choreographers who will show you how to let go and get down to the soundtrack of your life!

Hey if William Hung can do it, so can you!

Dubai, let's FLASH MOB!

For those still scratching your heads wondering what we are on about, here's a little example... http://bit.ly/digBVu

NOTE: Please note that the date, time and venue are still in tentative stage at the moment. We will have definite information once we get more people. So we need your help. Invite away and help us spread the word!

We're also here: http://dubaiflashmob.noradance.com

We will soon be putting up rehearsal date and the track list. There will also be a demo video so people can practice at home.

Stay tuned. This is going to be exciting.

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