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Best Luxury Hotel near Dubai Mall - The Address Dubai Mall


Our complete Dubai Hotels guide details all of the best hotels in Dubai in each major category.

Information has been collated from over 50 review and booking websites and the results are presented here, allowing you to quickly identify the right hotel for your Dubai stay.

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Hotels in Dubai – Where to stay in Dubai  The Ultimate guide

The Meydan Hotel

Dubbed by some as the City of Gold, Dubai never fails to impress. Even the biggest skeptics will be dazzled at the endless fascinations of the city from the sky-high towers to man made islands, and even its underwater hotels.

You can expect to taste a bit of this extravagant splendor when you book a Dubai hotel.

As of 2014, Dubai had 612 hotels, with a total count of 85,000 hotel rooms.

The hotel tally is growing at a fast pace, thanks to intense tourist activity, and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

The city has some of the most iconic hotels in the world including an underwater hotel (Atlantis, The Palm), the third tallest hotel worldwide (Burj Al Arab) and one of the grandest desert hotels in the world (Bab Al Shams).

Many global hotel brands, including Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton have established a presence in Dubai.

With hundreds of hotels to choose from, it can be a bit dizzying to tell which one is best for you.

The most important thing is to decide what kind of hotel you want. This will depend on the nature of your travel.

If you are on business, choose a business hotel. If you are on a family holiday, find a family friendly hotel and so on. Do your research well and be careful of hotels with very low ratings and plenty of guest complaints – with all of this being said here is our complete report detailing the best Dubai Hotels in each category – we hope you enjoy it.


The ‘Ultimate’ Best Hotels in Dubai

The Best Hotel in Dubai : Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf

Currently, based on the reviews of over 50 travel sites, aggregated on the number of reviews, The Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf as the ultimate best hotel in Dubai.

Other top ranked hotels include Raffles Dubai, Grosvenor House Dubai, One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai and The Address Dubai Marina.

Top ranked hotels in Dubai often go out of their way to provide ultra luxurious stays for their guests.

Rooms are spacious with a generous provision of luxury amenities. In addition, the best hotels feature facilities such as spas, fitness centres, concierge services and fine restaurants.

One other major attribute that sets high-ranked hotels apart from the rest is the level of detail and finesse that goes into their design.

Every surface from the exterior to the interior of rooms is designed to exude style and class.

Hotels standards in Dubai are generally similar to those of other popular cities across the world such as New York, Seoul and Bangkok.

The only disparity is the Arabian influence you will certainly notice in the décor and food. Most hotels in the city are rated 3 star and above. If you are set to stay only in the very best hotels in Dubai please click on the full report for further information.

The Ultimate Best Hotels in Dubai – Read the full guide

The Best Cheap / Budget Hotels in Dubai

Dubai cheap low cost hotels

Dubai is well known for its high cost of living. But this is not to mean that you cannot enjoy a Dubai vacation on a tight budget.  The very best cheap hotel in Dubai in 2016 is The Premier Inn.

Just as there are expensive luxury hotels, there are also plenty of low-cost hotels for the budget-conscious traveler.

Dubai Deira, a popular and often congested commercial area of the city, has the highest number of budget hotels.

Here you will find many cheap hotels such as the popular Dubai Youth Hostel, Qasr Al Seyaha Hotel and Niawara Guest House.

While you cannot expect five star service from a budget hotel, be careful to choose a good hotel that provides a decent level of service.

When looking for a cheap hotel, the most important considerations include hygiene and good customer service.

Expect to find a budget-size hotel room with only the bare facilities. You may not find a gym or spa available.  Also expect a not-so-great location; you will most probably not have an ocean view and you might have to contend with a bit of noise from the congested streets.

Budget hotels focus on providing a decent space for a good night’s sleep, hence their ability to offer rock bottom prices.

So while you will enjoy great prices, you might miss out on a spacious beach-side room, a rooftop swimming pool, a spa, a butler and other 5 star amenities.

If you are looking for a cheap budget hotel stay in Dubai click to view the following report detailing all of the very best value hotels in the city based on average reviews, it should help you in avoiding some of the worst hotels and get the best value for your money.

The Best Cheap / Budget Hotels in Dubai – Read the full guide

The Best Hotel Apartments in Dubai

Best Family Hotel near Dubai Mall - Chelsea Tower Suites & Apartments

Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartments located near Ibn Batutta Mall

Hotel apartments provide apartment-size accommodation in place of standard hotel rooms.

This means more space and more amenities especially for families. In situations where you need accommodation for several days hotel apartments often prove to be more cost effective than hotels.

In Dubai, there are many hotel apartments to choose from. If you are on a tight budget, try Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartments located near Ibn Batutta Mall.

If you have the freedom to splurge, then head for Grand Hyatt Residence, Dubai Creek.

There are different kinds of hotel apartments you will find in Dubai. A vast majority are serviced apartments, which means that they come with most of the amenities you would find at a standard hotel.

There are also self-catered apartments, which come with a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare full meals.

Cheaper hotel apartments tend to feature only small kitchenettes ideal for preparing beverages and warming up takeout food.

Other hotel apartments are meant to serve long-staying guests. These apartments are designed to provide a home away from home and come with plenty of amenities including a complete kitchen.

If you are searching for the best hotel apartments in Dubai the following guide details what we consider to be the very best options for a Dubai Apartment Hotel stay in 2016.

The Best Hotel Apartments in Dubai in 2016 – Read the full guide

The Most Expensive Hotels in Dubai

Dubai most expensive hotels Park Hyatt Dubai Raffles Dubai Ritz Carlton

A suite at the ultra expensive Ritz Carlton Dubai

In Dubai, luxury is synonymous with expensive. To enjoy the best hotels in Dubai, you have to be ready to spend.

However the perks of booking a luxury hotel are many; top-notch amenities, personalized service, great location and accommodation that feels like home.

The Burj Al Arab easily takes the prize for the most expensive hotel in Dubai. The standard rate per night is around $1,500 excluding taxes. Or you can shell out $23,000 for a night at the famous Royal Suite.

For the high prices guests get to enjoy 4 swimming pools, a private beach, a world class spa and fitness centre, access to Wild Wadi Waterpark and access to Sinbad’s Kids Club.

The second most expensive night in Dubai can be spent at the $860 a night One&Only The Palm Dubai. Amenities include a 850 square-meter pool, a private marina, a spa and a fitness centre.

A bit cheaper than the above two hotels is the $590 a night Armani Hotel Dubai. Belonging to the luxury Armani brand, you can expect world-class facilities including fine restaurants and bars, a retail centre for Armani products and a spa.

If you only want to stay in the very best and you want to spend some money then our report on the most expensive hotels in Dubai will help you identify the very best high roller hotel for you.

The Most Expensive Hotels in Dubai– Read the full guide

The Best Dubai Luxury Hotels

Most Romantic Luxury Hotel

Dubai is home to a seizable number of luxury hotels, and they do not come cheap.

In fact, expect to spend no less than $500 a night at some of the most luxurious hotels in the city. What can you expect in return?

Luxury hotels have to maintain certain standards to justify their prices and status.

This includes easy and fast check-in and check-out, spacious rooms with great views, only the best in dining, unique designs and styles, luxury amenities such as spas and swimming pools and unsurpassed customer service.

Not only does The Burj Al Arab take the prize for most expensive hotel in Dubai, it also scoops the award for most luxurious.

In addition to the many amenities, the hotel has a reception desk on every floor, with a team of butlers ready to assist guests. You can also request a chauffeured Rolls Royce for a ride around town.

For a taste of desert luxury, head to Qasr Al Sarab desert resort where rooms are decked out in mosaics and jewel embedded accessories. Or try underwater luxury at Atlantis, The Palm. This is a luxury hotel with some of its most expensive rooms located underwater.

The Best Dubai Luxury Hotels – Read the full guide 

Dubai’s Best Boutique Hotels

Budget Hotels Dubai - XVA

A boutique hotel differs from a standard hotel in its size. By popular definition, boutique hotels should not have more than a hundred rooms.

In fact, some of the most popular boutique hotels have between 10-30 rooms. Another characteristic of boutique hotels is their location, which is often in the city centre.

This provides easy transportation and amazing views of the city especially at night.

The best part about boutique hotels is the coziness. The small sizes coupled with the creative décor create a very unique experience.

Additionally, staff are able to offer very personalised services to guests thanks to the small number of guests at any given time.

One of the best boutique hotels in Dubai is XVA Art Hotel, located in Bur Dubai just five minutes away from Dubai Museum.

The cozy rooms feature art from famous designers from Dubai and around the world. With only 13 rooms, each room is decorated in its own unique style, creating varying themes for every room.

Rooms also include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms.


The Best Beach Hotels in Dubai

Best Beach Hotels in Dubai - Fairmont The Paln

Dubai has plenty of beaches, some public and others belonging to hotels and resorts.

Most public beaches are free to access and often include an array of array of leisure activities for both kids and adults.

Private beaches can only be used at a fee or when you are a guest at certain hotel or resort.

The most popular beaches are Mamzer Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Park, Russian Beach and Kite Beach.

Beaches in Dubai can get quite congested especially in the cooler months of November and April.

If you prefer somewhere more peaceful and quieter, check out Club Joumana located near Dubai Marina and Royal Island Beach Club at Lebanon Island.

If you want the full beach experience, be sure to book one of the numerous beach hotels in Dubai. Most of these hotels come with their own private beaches and the rooms provide expansive views of the beach and ocean.

The Best Beach Hotels in Dubai– Read the full guide

The Best Dubai Mall Hotels For Shopping

Downtown Duai Hotels - Armani

Dubai is popular with shoppers. The city’s numerous shopping malls are proving to be even more popular as tourists continue to flock in.

While almost everyone knows Dubai Mall, there are various other shopping malls worth a visit. Here are the top five.

• Mall of the Emirates
• Ibn Battuta Mall
•Wafi shopping mall
• Burjuman Center.
• Jumeirah Plaza

In Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall by size, you can shop for almost anything including jewelry, fashion, furniture, electronics and books.

As you can imagine, the fashion and jewelry stores are very popular especially with tourists.

Cocoon Trend is a store popular for its Bridal wear. For fashion accessories try Bottega Veneta or Victoria’s Secret. For Men’s fashion Brioni and Tom Ford are among the most recommended.

For the best in jewelry and watches famous stores like Chanel, Cartier, Hublot and Levant are a must-visit.

Once you are done with shopping, relax at the nearby Armani Hotel Dubai. Here you can continue with your shopping adventures at the three Armani retail centres located within the hotel.

If The Armani hotel is not in line with your preferences or budget, stay at the nearby Manzil Downtown Dubai or The Address Dubai Mall.

The Best Dubai Mall Hotels For Shopping In 2016 – Read the full guide

The Best Hotels On The Palm Dubai

Best Beach Hotels Dubai - Sofitel The Palm

One landmark that defines Dubai’s greatness and architectural superiority is The Dubai Palm.

Also known as the Palm Islands, Dubai palm is a set of two artificial islands built off the coast of Dubai on the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Currently, only one island has been completed and is functional; Palm Jumeirah.

Dubai Palm was created through land reclamation from the sea. Sand was dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf and used to create the island. Today, the palm tree shaped archipelago hosts more than a dozen hotels and resorts.

Interesting to note is that Palm Jumeirah is one of the few manmade structures that are visible from space with the naked eye. Its sister island, Palm Jebel Ali is going to be even bigger once construction has been completed.

The most popular hotel in Palm Jumeirah is Atlantis, The Palm.

Situated at the apex of the island, Atlantis was the earliest resort to make a presence on Dubai Palm.

It is the second largest hotel in Dubai, consisting of 1,539 rooms and 23 restaurants. Some of its suites are located underwater, promising an exhilarating and unique stay for guests.

The Best Hotels On The Palm Dubai – Read the full guide

The Best Family Hotels in Dubai

Family Hotels Dubai

Dubai is popular for family holidays. There is no shortage of activities ideal for a fun family holiday.

Having a great family vacation includes finding the right hotel. This means that you have to take time to find a hotel that is family friendly; a hotel with the right amenities (e.g. babysitting), the right kind of rooms (e.g. suites) and the ideal family atmosphere (e.g. no nightclub next to the room).

Luckily, for families, there are numerous family hotels in Dubai. They include luxury and budget hotels, city hotels, beach hotels, desert hotels and apartment hotels. So whatever your budget and preferences are, you are bound to find the right hotel for your family.

When you are looking for a family hotel, the most important considerations to make are cost, location and amenities. In terms of amenities, look for things like spacious rooms or suites, baby cots in rooms, baby-sitting services and kids’ play areas.

One of the very best family hotels in Dubai is JA Palm Tree Resort, the winner of the 2013 World Travel Awards for the best family resort. It is located within the famous Jebel Ali Golf Resort complex.

Accommodation consists of spacious beachfront suites of varying sizes. Fun areas designed for kids are three; the CoolZone, ChillZone and Bio Garden. There are also various family games such as badminton, volleyball and squash.

If you’d prefer somewhere different, Grand Hyatt Hotel and Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa are excellent alternatives.

The Best Family Hotels in Dubai in 2016 – Read the full guide

The Best Hotels in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Hotels - Where to stay in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a relatively new region in Dubai built along a 3-kilometer length of the Persian Gulf coastline.

Its location is roughly between Jebel Ali and the urban area hosting Media City and Internet City.

The Marina, one of the largest in the world, is completely man made, with careful engineering having been undertaken to set up the successful project.

Today, it hosts a mixture of office buildings, hotels, resorts and apartments.

The man made canal city has a lot to offer to guests with the most popular attraction being the Dubai Marina Walk.

This is a seven kilometer pedestrian stretch lined with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and department stores. You can also dine at one of the fine waterfront restaurants or rent a yacht for a cruise around the sea.

One of the most famous features of Dubai marina is Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is a community consisting of 35 residential towers and 5 hotel towers.

So if you are looking for a place to stay for the duration of your visit, consider one of the luxury hotels in this residence.

An excellent recommendation is Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach, which is located along The Walk and is just a five-minute stroll away from the beach.

The Best Hotels in Dubai Marina – Read the full guide

The Best Hotels in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai Hotels - Hyatt

Bur Dubai is the historical soul of Dubai. It hosts some the most historic icons of the city including several mosques and museums.

Dubai Creek provides a watery boundary between Bur Dubai and Deira.

Fill up your day with tours to historic sites or go on a shopping splurge at one of the several shopping malls in the area. For lunch or dinner, the choices are endless.

For the best in shopping popular stores in Bur Dubai include Adidas for sports products, Al Ain Centre for IT equipment, BCBG Max Azria for French fashion and the high-end BurJuman shopping mall for a wide range of products.

For the best restaurants great recommendations include the Indian vegetarian restaurant – Rasoi Ghar, the Chinese restaurant – The Monk and the American fast food restaurant – 82 American Diner. There are numerous other restaurants mostly serving a mixture of Asian cuisines.

Other attractions in Bur Dubai include Dubai Heritage Village, Camel Museum, the Grand Mosque and the Hindu Temple.

As for the best place to stay during your vacation, Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai is an excellent choice. It is only 3 minutes from Al Fahidi metro station and features both standard rooms and larger suites. A Portuguese restaurant and an Indian eatery are also located at the hotel.

The Best Hotels in Bur Dubai – Read the full guide

The Best Hotels near Jebel Ali

JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

Located a half-hour away from Dubai’s city centre is Jebel Ali port town. This town hosts the ninth busiest port in the world and is part of the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).

The area has grown at a very rapid pace in recent years with more than five thousand businesses setting foot there to take advantage of the many incentives offered within the free economic zone. Jebel Ali is served by Al Maktoum International Airport.

One of the most popular attractions here is the 2.2 kilometer Jebel Ali Racecourse, a favorite for horse racing enthusiasts. You can also pay for a seaplane ride and enjoy spectacular views of Dubai from above.

For those coming to shop, you will be happy to know that Jebel Ali enjoys tax-free shopping. Be sure to visit the mammoth mall, Ibn Battuta, for one of the best shopping experiences in Dubai.

The best hotel near to Jebel Ali is Mövenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel Dubai. Named after a famous explorer, the hotel’s structure is imposing and its architecture unique.

Pick from one of the 396 rooms and suites and enjoy luxury amenities such as a walk-in shower, a full bathtub, a modernly equipped gym and a rooftop swimming pool.

The Best Hotels near Jebel Ali  – Read the full guide

The Best Downtown Dubai Hotels

Recommended Hotel near The Dubai Fountain

Downtown Dubai perfectly represents the essence of Dubai.

From its imposing structures to the ambitious building projects, Downtown Dubai is often referred to as the new Dubai. Covering an area of two square kilometers, you will find a mixture of business buildings, hotel skyscrapers, apartments, world-class restaurants and numerous tourist attractions.

One landmark you must not miss seeing is Burj Khalifa, the largest human made structure in the world. Also do not miss its companion eye-catcher, Dubai Fountain. These two attractions have heightened the appeal of Downtown Dubai, bringing in thousands of visitors every year.

As if having the tallest building on earth is not enough, Downtown Dubai also hosts the largest mall, Dubai Mall.

At the mall, you can shop for almost anything from some of the most famous brands in the world. The mall is especially popular for its fashion and jewelry stores. It also includes an ice rink, a water zoo and an aquarium.

A number of luxury hotels in the area provide ample accommodation. Here you will find brands such as Sofitel, Armani and Mariott.

The best hotel is The Address Downtown Dubai. This is a massive skyscraper rising up 63 floors and having 822 rooms, including luxury suites. Please note that this hotel is currently closed after a recent fire Incident.

Great alternatives include Armani Hotel Dubai, Sofitel Dubai Downtown Hotel and JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. They are all in ideal locations, near major transportation hubs and close to major landmarks in Downtown Dubai.

The Best Downtown Dubai Hotels – Read the full guide

The Best Dubai Airport Hotels

Dubai Airport Hotels

Dubai International Airport, known by the official code DXB, is the main airport serving Dubai.

It is currently the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passengers and the sixth busiest in regards to cargo traffic.  In 2015 alone, some 78 million passengers and more than 2.5 M tons of cargo went through the airport.

Destinations for airlines using the airport include Moscow, Nairobi, Tripoli, Beijing, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore and London. Passengers can enjoy the duty-free privileges from the duty free shops and restaurants located within the airport.

To handle the thousands of passengers coming into Dubai or just passing through, there are many hotels situated either within the airport or just a short distance away.

Within the airport, the best hotel is Dubai International Hotel with locations at concourses A, B and C. Here you will find amenities such as a Spa, gym, restaurants and business centers. This hotel mostly targets layover customers who are waiting for another flight out of Dubai.

But if you plan to stay around for while longer, consider a hotel outside the airport. Le Meridien Dubai Hotel is a great choice for leisure and business travellers and is just a few minutes from the airport. For a cheaper stay, try Mayfair Hotel, which charges around $70 a night.

The Best Dubai Airport Hotels – Read the full guide

The Best Hotels in Deira Dubai

Best Dubai Deira Hotels

Compared to Bur Dubai, Deira is the more commercial part of the two sister districts.

Facing Bur Dubai across the saline waters of Dubai Creek, Deira is very popular with tourists as well as business travellers.

Perhaps the best-known feature of the district is the collection of souks and markets selling all sorts of things from fish to jewelry and spices. The markets offer quite an exhilarating shopping experience, unique from that of a luxury shopping mall.

The waterfront Deira Corniche is a wonderful place for an afternoon or evening stroll. Along the broad pedestrian promenade, you will find a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a sumptuous lunch or dinner.

City Center Deira is another popular destination for those seeking an ideal shopping and entertainment location in Deira. The center takes the form of a large mall with famous store brands such as Carrefour, Virgin Megastore and Debenhams. Entertainment amenities include Magic Planet for families, Bowling City and VOX Cinemas.

City Center Deira is connected to one of the best hotels in Deira, Ibis Hotel. Alternatively, you can stay at the luxurious Sheraton Deira Hotel. If you are travelling on a tight budget, the funky Hues Boutique Hotel goes for around $89 a night.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you will find Deira Dubai with plenty to offer.

The Best Hotels in Deira Dubai – Read the full guide

The Best Famous Landmark Hotels in Dubai

Recommended Hotel near the clock tower Deira Dubai

You would be hard-pressed to find any place in Dubai that could be considered dull and boring.

From the beautiful Palm Jumeirah in the Gulf waters to the expansive Meydan Racecourse in the desert dunes, Dubai is a truly fascinating city.

Here are some of the best and most popular hotels located close to major landmarks.

Avari Dubai hotel stakes its position just a short distance away from Deira Clock Tower, a major icon of Dubai since 1963. Other nearby hotels are the Sun and Sands hotel and Nihal hotel.

The spectacular Dubai Fountain, together with Burj Khalifa are the jewels of Downtown Dubai. Nearby hotels include Ramada Downtown Dubai, Armani Hotel, The Address Dubai Mall and Hotel Sofitel Dubai Downtown.

For shopping enthusiasts, Dubai Mall is a dream destination. It is also one of the most popular landmarks of Dubai. Nearby hotels include The Address Dubai Mall, DAMAC Maison Hotel and Al Murooj Rotana.

Dubai Creek is another popular site for luxury hotels. Notable hotels situated alongside the inlet include Sheraton Dubai Creek and Hilton Dubai Creek.

Then there is Palm Jumeirah, the crown of Dubai. There are more than 10 hotels on this artificial island with the most notable ones being Fairmont The Palm, Atlantis The Palm and Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

The Best Famous Landmark Hotels in Dubai – Read the full report

The Best Private Villa Rentals In Dubai

Dubai Holiday Villas and Apartments for Vacation Rental

Dubai villa rentals provide an experience that is a step up from standard hotels.

For one, you can rent them for a longer term and at a lower cost compared to what you would pay at a hotel.

So if you plan on a weeks-long vacation in Dubai, a villa rental might be more cost effective.

Another benefit of private villas is the feeling of home that they provide. The villa will be fully equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a balcony or two. This is especially beneficial when you plan to stay for a longer time.

A villa is also great if you are travelling with your family. The extra space such as bathrooms and bedrooms come in very handy.

On the downside, you might not receive the pampering and care that hotels provide to guests. If you prefer eating in, that means cooking your own meals. You could hire a maid but that comes at an extra cost. Most villas also charge extra to provide cleaning services.

There are more than 50 holiday rental villas in Dubai and we have listed the very best in our guide.

Private Villa Rentals In Dubai – Read the full guide

Hotel Information in Dubai, notable hotels and companies 

The Biggest Hotels in Dubai

Dubai's Biggest Hotel

When it comes to building big, Dubai is not a city to shy away.

With ambitious projects such as the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah, the city continues to set it targets higher and higher.

This ambition is evident in its hospitality industry where huge luxury hotels have been built and others continue to come up. As of now, here are some of the hotels and hotel brands notable for their size.

The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has 1,608 rooms spread over 72 floors, making it the largest hotel in Dubai. Atlantis, The Palm and Gloria Hotel come in second and third with 1,539 and 1,010 rooms respectively.

Major hotel brands have also set foot in Dubai with a number of luxury hotels. Marriott is currently the biggest hotel chain with six hotels that total to over 2,000 hotel rooms.

The Address manages more than a thousand rooms spread over 5 hotels in Dubai. Sheraton has 5 locations with the total number of rooms tallying up to over 1,000.

The Biggest Hotels in Dubai – Read the full article

The Dubai Underwater Hotel Hydropolis

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

Underwater hotels are not exactly a new thing. As early as the 1970s, the first underwater hotel – Jules Undersea Lodge – was built, though it was a research lab at the time. It was later converted to a hotel in 1986. Today, the hotel located off the coast of Florida, is one of the most popular underwater resorts.

Other hotels that provide vacations in watery depths include Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji, the one-roomed Utter Inn located in Sweden and Atlantis, The Palm, a Dubai hotel that is partially underwater.

Another iconic underwater hotel under construction is Hydropolis, situated in the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. Once completed, the highly futuristic hotel will join other architectural wonders in Dubai such as the Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa.

Upon completion, Hydropolis will take the crown for the largest underwater hotel in the world. It will cover an area of 642 acres and have 220 spacious suites.

There are three main parts to the hotel’s design; the Land Station, the Subway and the underwater complex. The Land Station will be used as a welcoming point and as a storage facility. The Connecting Subway will whisk visitors away on a noiseless train to the hotel. Then there is the underwater complex where guests can expect an experience of a lifetime.

Dubai’s newest underwater project is undeniably ambitious. But going by the city’s high-achieving history, there is little doubt that Hydropolis will eventually become a reality.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel Hydropolis – View the virtual tour

The Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai 7 Star Hotel - View

Burj Al Arab is often dubbed the most luxurious hotel in the world. It has an unofficial 7-star rating. In every aspect, this towering hotel is truly unique. For one, it is situated on a man-made island, a private bridge connecting it to land. Its outside design mimics that of a ship’s sail.

The staff numbers over 1,500, which includes 70 members of the welcome team and 200 butlers to make your stay a breeze.

Once inside, the lobby leaves you breathless. It rises over 100 meters upwards, leaving you with a feeling of awe and wonder.

But despite being the third tallest hotel worldwide, it has a surprisingly small number of rooms. There are only 28 double-storey floors with a total of 202 rooms.

At a height of 210 meters the building features a 24-meter wide helipad. Roger Federer has played tennis on this helipad, Tiger Woods has played golf and Ronan Keating has made a music video from the site.

The price for staying at one of the opulent rooms starts at $1,000 and can go up to $15,000 depending on which room you choose. If you opt for the Royal Suite, expect to pay more than $20,000 for a single night.

Burj Al Arab’s luxury has attracted some famous celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Lewis Hamilton, Selena Gomez and Claudia Schiffer, a German model.

The Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s 7 Star Hotel  – Read the full guide

Dubai Hotel Drinking and Entertainment 

The Best Hotel Bars in Dubai

Dubai Hotels with the Best bar layout/ambiance

When it comes to catching a drink or two in Dubai, the options are limitless.

You can down your beer while enjoying live music, drink your cocktail on a beachside lounge or enjoy your wine while taking in the panoramic views of the city.

Hotel bars in Dubai come in different styles; there are those that focus on cocktails, others that serve mostly wines while others serve everything. You can also opt for a quite lounge bar, a noisy sports bar or a music-filled nightclub bar.

Some of the most popular hotel bars in Dubai are Uptown bar in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jules Bar in Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and The Terrace in Park Hyatt. But the one that takes the top prize is Skyview Bar located in the spectacular Burj Al Arab hotel. From the 27th floor of this skyscraper, your favorite drink is accompanied by breathtaking views of the city and sea.

The Best Hotel Bars in Dubai – Read the full guide

Before you settle down for a drink in Dubai, there are a few rules and regulations you should be aware of.

It is against the law to drink in public areas or in the streets.

Venues serving alcoholic drinks must be attached to private clubs or hotels.

The legal drinking age is twenty one.

Under Dubai law, there is zero tolerance toward drunk driving.

If found guilty of the offence, you could land in prison, be fined more than $5,000 or both.

As an expat you cannot purchase alcohol to drink at home unless you have a special liquor license – although consumption of Alcohol in your room is normally accepted.

Public drunkenness could get you arrested.

The Worst Hotels in Dubai to avoid

Worst Hotel In Dubai - Sun and Sands

While Dubai is known for luxury hotels, not every hotel provides a rosy experience. Numerous guests have taken to hotel review sites like TripAdvisor to share their frustrations regarding certain hotels.

The most common complaints have to do with hygiene. Frequent cleanliness issues raised include unclean rooms, smelly bedding and in severe cases, bedbugs and roaches.

There are also many complaints about customer service especially in hotels where the staff does not speak English.

In researching the worst hotels, we relied on honest guest reviews on sites like,, and The hotels with the lowest rankings across several websites were regarded as among the worst.

In our ranking, Sun & Sands Hotel was one of the worst hotels in Dubai. The biggest complaint by far was the really noisy nightclub located downstairs. Loud music playing late into the night denied most guests the chance for a restful night.

On the upside, most low-ranked hotels are very cheap. So if you are on a very tight budget and do not mind sleeping in a less than perfect hotel, you could enjoy a cheap stay at one of these hotels.

Dubai Hotel Deals

Dubai Hotel Deals

The cost of staying in Dubai can be quite overwhelming especially if you have a limited budget to work with.

Luckily, you can easily get a great deal from one of the many shopping and accommodation deals websites that have come up in recent years.

If you are planning to go on a shopping spree, sites like, and provide amazing deals on various products and services.

You can get a massage, a desert tour or an electronic product for a greatly reduced price.

If what you are looking for is a way to enjoy luxury hotels without paying the sky-high rates, hotel deals websites are your answer.

The best ones are offering discounts and have the lowest rates. Some websites even allow you to bundle your flight and booking together to save more.

You can also book directly from hotel and group hotel websites. This has several advantages such as lower rates, faster and more convenient service and greater flexibility on issues such as cancellation and room change.

You are also more likely to enjoy offers available only on the hotel websites. Hotel group websites that offer direct booking include the,, and

Dubai Hotel Deals – Read our full article on popular ways to save on your hotel 

Dubai Hotel Booking

Dubai Hotel Booking - Compare

With tourism in Dubai growing with each year, hotel booking has gotten so much easier. There are so many websites today from which you can find the right hotel and make a booking in just a few minutes.

The leading booking websites include,, (for low cost accommodation) and

These websites bring together information about hotels in Dubai, showing travellers details such as price, location, amenities and most importantly, customer reviews.

When you are booking a Dubai hotel on any one of these websites, it is essential to know what kind of hotel you are looking for.

Most booking websites rank their hotels by themes such as business, family, romantic and so on, making it easier to find the perfect hotel.

But the most important part to look at is the review section. Guest reviews will be helpful in determining the actual hotel experience you should expect. You might also pick up a helpful tip or two on things like the best room to book or the best restaurant around.

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Additional Resources (official Dubai Government website)

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