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The Best Ways To Make Extra Money In The UAE (Legally) Part Time - Or anywhere else in the world for that matter!

Your guide to making money outside of your current job by working in the cloud, this guide will give you the options available without getting scammed and ensuring you get paid.


Introduction to working part time in Dubai or from anywhere else in the cloud....

It’s a hard fact of life that markets go up and markets go down, right nowthe worlds markets are skulking around on the bottom. As a result many people have lost their jobs, faced cut backs in hours or are starting to get into debt as austerity measures start to take effect. Well that is all very doom and Gloom – So what’s the good news?

Well the good news is that when markets go down there is generally a burst of innovation as people are forced to think about new and creative ways to support themselves and their family. Companies such as Microsoft, Apple and even Google were born in the time of market slumps.

What this means is that there are people out there that need your skill set. You can work in the virtual cloud – No office, No Boss, and No looking over your shoulder it’s a great way to make extra money in Dubai with a part time job and does not need extra visas or permissions! – Sound interesting? Keep reading..

Working in the Cloud – Dubai Based Part Time Jobs!

Born out of the necessity of flexible working and having the right people on hand on flexible terms there has been resurgence of what used to be called Telework. This is when you contract yourself out for work remotely based on your individual skills set.

However be aware – there are many scammers and spammers posting get quick rich jobs, so don’t get caught out! Follow this simple guide and you can be assured of success.

We checked out a lot of the companies that allow you to offer your skills online to the other people in the world that need them. There are some major benefits –

  1. You are good at something – and someone in the world needs that skill
  2. With these approved platforms you get paid – (No Scams)
  3. You can work without a visa in your own time.
  4. You can work part time in Dubai – (You still need a visa of course)
  5. You work at a pace that suits you…Keep reading

The Four Trusted Companies

Of all of the platforms that we reviewed there were only really four that we felt confident enough in to sign up for. All of them let you join, post your resume and tender for contract work, they are all 100% secured, with the platforms acting as the honest broker between you and the person contracting you. This ensures that you get paid and the person that’s contracting you gets the work. Sign up to these providers and you are on your way to extra Dirhams in Dubai whilst working part time! Simply sign up for the platforms and have a look around to find the one that suits you best.


Has a great system that tracks the hours you are online and takes screen shots of your desktop to ensure you are working on your clients work during the hours you are contracted. It also allows you to recruit extra staff and virtual teams should you get extra work that you can’t handle. Within 20 minutes we were up and running and bidding for work, it is so good in fact that we now use it to hire extra staff for our company when we need them. Sign up is easy and there are thousands of jobs available on the system, if you want the ability to hire its well worth registering your credit card on the system as well so people know you are for real, this will increase your offers for work and people wanting to sub contract to you. Do More with Less on oDesk


Again an excellent contracting tool with a huge number of contracting jobs available. Elance offers companies of all sizes a flexible and cost-effective way to get work done online. In fact, active employers on Elance include people who work at places like Facebook, IBM and even our own H2O Media in Dubai.Find a world of talent online at Elance. Find a job.

Go Freelance

Go Freelance is an online community for freelance professionals and companies looking to hire skilled freelance experts, they have thousands of freelance and work-at-home jobs that you can secure whilst you are working in Dubai. All you need is your laptop and an Internet connection and you can start straight away. You can actually get paid for filling in forms, writing and data entry that requires no discernable skill. You get paid through Go Freelance again so you are assured of payment as you do the work Earn $3000 per week, working from home. Get instant access to thousands of freelance and work-at-home jobs. $7.00. Click here to start.

Real Writing Jobs

If you like to write blog posts, or you are handy with twitter and social media then Real Writing J obs will pay you a fixed price for your talents.

Real Writing Jobs is the leading source for online writing jobs. Partnering with 1000s of well-known employers, users can work from home doing short blog posts, write short articles, check websites for inappropriate content, and maintain company social media outlets and more! $7 Off Coupon: 10 Days Access for only $2.95!

Run a Website

Its simple and easy to start your own website and make money with it if its in a specific niche that attracts advertising dollars. A Yola Silver account costing just $50.00 USD a year will give you everything you need to start your website and professional blog. Advertisers will pay you directly to advertise on good blogs in a niche subject or you can join a number of paid per blog systems available out there. Again a good way to make money doing something that you may consider as a leisure activity in your spare time! Yola lets you easily create and host the professional website you always wanted. Sign up now!

If you are interested in working in the cloud then these are the options that we suggest, we have tried them all and made sure all of them actually pay. So that’s it – we hope you liked our quick guide, your comments would be welcome. Also if you managed to find work after using this guide we would like to know about it! If this article has been at all helpful please tweet it! Thanks! Have a super super day!

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