Poppy Appeal Dubai 2011

Poppy_flyer_2011This year we will be hosting the Poppy Ball at the Joharah Ballroom at Madinat Jumeirah on the 18th November 2011 starting at 7.30pm. It will be a black tie/mess dress event with miniatures and will include the normal formalities our group has come to expect.

This year is the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion and one that should resonate with anyone having a link to the armed forces given the current world situation and our continued involvement in war zones around the world.

Our lead sponsor Crown Relocations has once again stepped up with a sponsorship donation of AED 50,000 and we are looking to add to this with other sponsors and donations.

The Poppy Ball has always been about the charity and how much we can send back every year. We carry no reserve funds and send back all we receive. Last year the Poppy Appeal sent back GBP 40,000 to UK which was GBP 5,000 up on 2009.

Thank you for your interest and support,

With very best regards,

Chairman RBL Dubai

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