Pecha Kucha Night Dubai IV

pecha_kucha_iv.jpgDue to the tremendous response and ‘standing-room only’ crowds at the first three editions, Pecha Kucha Dubai has grown beyond the walls of The Third Line. The fourth instalment will take place Thursday 6th November at the American University of Dubai (AUD).  

The location, a tree-lined garden lawn on AUD’s campus, not only provides a picturesque setting to enjoy the early UAE winter weather and ample seating for all, but also highlights Pecha Kucha Dubai’s commitment to supporting young designers and thinkers.  The 10 presenters to be featured include architects, photographers, beat-poets and a fashion designer on a humanitarian mission.

Organized by Traffic, aaUAE, S*uce, 9714, and The Third Line, Pecha Kucha Dubai has made its mark on the art scene for providing a venue for locally based talent and is quickly creating a milestone for congregating one of the largest gatherings for a mixed media arts event.  With an ever growing audience, over 450 people are expected to attend.  Pecha Kucha Dubai is proud to work with AUD’s Visual Arts Department to host the latest event of this fast paced art based conglomeration experience.

Pecha Kucha Night Dubai IV

8:20 pm (20:20)
Thursday 6th November, 2008
American University, Dubai



About Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha follows a 20x20 format which allows each of the evening’s presenters to showcase 20 images – each shown for exactly 20 seconds. This gives the presented 6 minutes and 40 seconds of much deserved fame before switching over to the next participant. The quick and set pace of the format keep interest flowing, momentum high and more opportunity for all presenters involved.

The event takes place in Dubai every three to four months and provides the freedom for people to network and exchange ideas on any creative subject in an informal and open minded space.

Originating in Japan, Pecha Kucha (pronounced peh-chak-cha) is Japanese for “chatter”. It is an international network of events spread over 100 cities across the world, from Amsterdam to Atlanta and San Francisco to Shanghai. This event has been a breakthrough for those who were in need for a forum where creativity could be easily and informally presented.


Presenter Profiles

Nadine de Mascarel is the Director of Chamaille, a clothing line dedicated to producing high quality garments that feature traditional handmade Palestinian embroidery, while simultaneously supporting communities in need. Chamaille employs Palestinian women living in the Ein-el-Helwi refugee camp in Saida, Lebanon and then donates 20% of its profits to a Home in Jerusalem for poor elderly Palestinians, Notre Dame des Douleurs.

lived in Dubai for the past four years and was professionally trained as a geriatric psychologist.

Altamash Urooj is a visual communication student in his last year at the American University in Dubai. Urooj focuses on conceptual art photography and has also developed his skills from a commercial viewpoint to include product, fashion and mode portfolio work. 

Urooj’s Pecha Kucha presentation is an ongoing evolving process based on the human condition told through a photographic printed series. The images portray a strong visual language using shrouded figures that comment on the isolation of individuals. Set against specifically chosen environments, his subjects morph into various positions and stages of confinement serving as expressions of the soul.

Nadine de Mascarel and Altamash Urooj are just two of the presenters participating in Pecha Kucha Dubai IV. 

Entrance is free and open to the public. Please see map for directions on how to get to the new venue.

For more information about Pecha Kucha, you can also visit the website: http://www.pecha-kucha.org/cities/dubai or call 04 3411 367.

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