See You Next Thursday (SYNTH) @ Alpha

synth_line_up.jpgThe success story of Dubai’s clubbing scene, See You Next Tuesday has grown up and been promoted to a Thursday night. This is good news, first, since the people who came to the Tuesday night shindigs to see The Freestylers, Belle and Sebastian, Lumi and more in action don't have to suffer a school-night hangover.

Second, everyone else who couldn't enjoy indie, funk, hip hop, electro, nu-rave, breakbeat, drum and bass mashup on Tuesdays, can now come down. And finally they don't have a rude name anymore. But, that's not the only thing that's changed about SYNT - now cunningly called SYNTH or See You Next Thursday.  

The first month is all about the local acts, so they have Abri and Diligent Thought doing the honours, before The Glimmers perform one of their legendary DJ sets – think 2ManyDJs but better – to see out the month.

Then SYNTH have five international, staggeringly good live bands between November and Christmas. They've got bands from France, indie-electro bands, alongside some seriously good, party-starting DJs like A Skillz.

They've also expanded the residents line up to include DJ Skeith, a mashup, crossover King and the insurmountable Zahra – the champion of all good music from Dubai 92.

You can join their Facebook group to keep up to date with competitions, giveaways and the latest events.

See You Next Thursday!


Oct 2 – Residents

Da:Funct, Rude Larry, DJ Skeith and Zahra (Dubai 92)

Oct 9 – Abri LIVE


Oct 16 – Diligent Thought LIVE


Oct 23 – The Glimmers


Oct 30 – Stanton Warriors – contact Ben McDonald for info, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Doors open: 6pm
Over 21s only
Location: Le Mèridien Airport Road, Mèridien Village

Ladies: By registering for free at www.platinumlistdubai.com you are entitled for free entry all night. (50 AED on the door after midnight without)
Gents: By Registering free at www.platinumlistdubai.com you are entitled to 50 AED entry all night.  

Non members: AED 100

synth_line_up.jpg2.jpgExpect to hear:

 Expect to hear: CSS, New Young Pony Club, The Beatles, MIA, Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, The Clash, Phones, The Prodigy, Mark Ronson, Chemical Brothers, Andrew Weatherall, Herve, Diplo, Friendly Fires, Blondie, Hercules and Love Affair, Bloc Party, The Killers, Kasabian, The Klaxons, The Presets, Peaches, Jurassic 5, Dangerous Dan, Tim Fuller, TV on the Radio, Futureheads, Datarock, Black Strobe, Yelle, Justice, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Chromeo, The Gossip, Mos Def, Bondo De Role, Guns n'Roses, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Depeche Mode, Les Rhythms Digitales, Peaches, MSTRKRFT, The Kills, Night Facilities, Iggy Pop, Chicken Lips, The Rolling Stones, LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy, Riot in Belgium, Nirvana, Calvin Harris, Robyn, Late Of The Pier, The Kills, The Whip, Erol Alkan, Blur, New Order, SebastiAn, Mr Oizo, Rage Against The Machine, Hadouken, LA Riots, The Doors and many, many more.




Sheikh approved DJ, Da:Funct, has been playing in Dubai for three years and in that time played funk, soul, hip hop, indie, breakbeat, deep-tech-electro house and gabber sets (OK, the last one is made up). After conquering the the Ras Al Khaimah rave scene and single-handedly defining the now legendary Sons of Sharjah Noise Assault, Da:Funct has since gone on to hold down residencies at Alpha – helming renowned See You Next Tuesday nights – The Apartment and the legendary iBO, as well as playing at Trilogy, 360, Plan B and Submarine. In that time, he’s warmed up for Darren Emerson, Tom Middleton, Belle and Sebastian, Adam Ficek (Babyshambles), Cagedbaby, The Rogue Element, Loose Cannons, Chicken Lips, The Freaks, Eric Kupper, Dabruck and Klein… and they all said he was the best warm up DJ playing that night. High praise indeed.

Da:Funct also curated the covermount CD for REMIX in 2008, going from indie to funk to electro to breakbeat to speed garage and techno in 13 flawless moves. Versatile, passionate – and blessed with an air guitar that’s guaranteed to send crowds wild – Da:Funct is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Dubai’s most creative DJs.

Rude Larry

A deckstrous DJ known to be able to turn his hand from breakbeat to drum and bass, funk and indie at the drop (of a rather stylish) hat, South African born DJ Rude Larry is one of the founding fathers of the See You Next Tuesday/Thursday brand. He likes fast cars, tall buildings and long walks on the beach.

Zahra Soar (Dubai 92)

Born in Al Zahra Hospital in Sharjah, Zahra was named after the hospital in a last minute panic because her parents didn't realise that UAE law gave new parents just 24 hours to file a birth certificate. Good thing she wasn't born in Welcare then. 

Nothing last minute and panicky about her musical taste though. After realising she had a perennial compulsion to navigate towards all things remix, she pushed for a dance show on Dubai 92 (namely the Guide) and hasn't looked back since. As one of the region's most respected and trusted broadcasters, Zahra has not only brought new music to an audience who are gagging for it, she leads the way in taking risks on the live music cult show Open Mic.

 A fan of smooth grooves, electro/rock mashups, sexy gypsy pop, hip hop, soul and erm, "Samba samba samba", her DJing highlight from this year was pairing with her partner in crime, Dan ‘Marsh-ter’ of Ceremonies’ Marsh at the Time Out Goes Home Festival.

An eclectic-electric-eccentric (trying saying that after a few drinks) glow-in-the-dark bookworm who is the worst school disco DJ of all time and proud of it. She hates bells and whistles but loves glowsticks and psychedelic cycling shorts.

DJ Skeith (Cape Town)

Known to his friends as Skeith since the age of 13, the first two records that David McDougall bought were ABBA’s The Name of The Game and ACDC’s Highway to Hell, his subsequent musical tastes reflected an A-Z of genres. He previously held a residency at The OB in Cape Town where he was known to stop delighted dance-floors dead in their tracks with his unique selection of mash-ups. His sets have been described as, “an absolutely delicious smorgasbord of sounds: shimmering electro-pop, brilliant bootlegs and soaring indie rock anthems designed to fill your ears with euphoria.”


Like the desert sun, ABRI's music seems to come from all corners; a blended heat that moves the core. With a name that illustrates their candid approach - 'ABRI' can be translated to everything from 'begin’ and ‘open’ to 'discover' – the Dubai-based band was born when vocalist Hamdan Al Abri met keyboardist Julian Symes in 2005. Within two months, the duo had written enough tracks to produce their first album.

 Joined by Rami Lakkis and Andre Atherley, ABRI's debut album, Sunchild showcases 10 of the band's best tracks, and is designed to take listeners on a musical and lyrical journey, exploring real world issues that face us all. ABRI's live performances are fleshed out with the addition of bassist Rami Lakkis and Sunchild drummer Andre Atherley. With Rami's intuitive bass riffs and Andre's solid drumbeat accompanying Julian and

Hamdan's soulful melody, ABRI’s sound resonates throughout the region.

Dodging the conventional trend of musical 'genres', ABRI's music is a harmonious sound created by four musicians with extremely varied musical backgrounds. ABRI's vocalist, Hamdan is a full-time Dubai

resident, having been born and raised in the Emirate. The singer's early musical approach was heavily influenced by his father's East African musical styling, but MTV did much to push him towards new avenues of sound. From fronting a rap/R&B group with friends in high school, to a stint in a rock/experimental band while living in Miami in 2001, Hamdan has now developed a expressive vocal style that is completely his own. From the age of six, Julian Symes has been making music. Raised in London, England, he produced his first tracks using an old piano and 2 cassette recorders when he was only eleven years old. Julian went on to test new musical waters in funk, bossa nova and jazz piano, in addition to some table time as a DJ in a number of London clubs. In 2004, the talented musician made the move to Dubai, where he resides today.

Andre Atherley also hails from the UK, where his formative years were spent playing drums in his father's gospel band. With the drums, Andre had found his niche; going on to play in both salsa and reggae bands throughout the years and finally coming to rest in the rhythm of ABRI.

Like Hamdan, the band's latest addition, bassist Rami Lakkis was also born and raised in the multi-cultural folds of Dubai. Exposure to region's diverse mix of traditional music inspired Rami from an early age, and resulted in the development of his exceptional skill as an electric bass player. Rami has performed in clubs and festivals both in and outside of the UAE., and also composes his own music.

Abri has been nominated for the MTV Europe Awards as “Best New Arabian Act’ 08 ” and have been seen performing internationally in the UK at the Vibe Bar, Monkey Chews in Camdan, Jazz Talent in Chiswick and they have shared the stage in Dubai with Mika, Joss Stone, Kelly Rowland and Kanye West. Also, in Bahrain with Arrested Development and Fun Loving Criminals. The band's single, 'A Piece of Yourself' won battle of the beats on the nations biggest radio station, Radio 1 and they sold more CDs than any other local band. Their album, Sunchild released in the GCC on

November 1st, 2007 was seen in the Virgin Megastore top 10, beating out Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent. Recently, Abri went on a UK promotional tour where they recorded their new album at the famous "Fortress Studio", mixed at the “Strong Room” and performed at the Vibe Bar.

Diligent Thought

Diligent Thought is Jibberish (MC), Toofless (MC), Sol-Phonic (Producer) and DJ Solo (DJ/Producer), formed in spring 2007. The group members come from diverse cultural backgrounds, brought together by the desire to create good music.

Jibberish the Lyric Illisist a.k.a Jibba the Serendibian a.k.a the Mutant Ninja MC is of Malaysian heritage but hails from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where he first got a taste of the urban sound from the tape collection of his uncles and cousins, brought down on their visits from the United Kingdom. It was not until his later years however, upon graduating high school and moving to the U.A.E for undergrad work, that he delved deeper into hip hop, often spending hours sampling albums off Amazon.com. Through this he discovered his affinity to the word-play and delivery of such Mcing greats as Black Thought, whom he cites as his main influence. Always a fan, he never participated in music until he met Sol-Phonic in passing at university in the fall of 2005. Inspired by Sol-Phonic's passion for the genre and hyper-active manner Jibberish decided to try his hand at writing rhymes. Initial effots proved to be far below the calibre he wished to attain and subsequently he dropped the pen and the pad. A year later, a chance meeting with Sol-Phonic and his then more developed sound, rejuvenated his desire to make music. It was in November that year he penned his first complete rhyme, written while playing the beat "Edith's Piano" off of DJ Solo's myspace page. Solo and Jibberish would eventually meet in March 2007 at a J-Live gig, a few months after Sol-Phonic introduced him to Toofless. The duo clicked and have been trading rhymes and concepts since then.

Toofless a.k.a Psychotropic Poet born and raised in Dubai is of Sudanese heritage. He started MCing at the age of 17 after being inspired by acts such as Nas, AZ, LB Fam, Wu and Talib etc. Ever the strong silent type, his introverted nature found its outlet in writing. AntiSocial commentary, emotional expression, frustration and joy would be poured onto pages that littered his bedroom floor after being committed to memory. He would later meet a partner in rhyme in high school, Kay a.k.a. Karma, after which the two would soon become best friends. U.T.O.P.I.A (Unified Thoughts Of Psyche Instrumental Abstract)would be formed. The two would develop their rhyming skills together over the course of several years. However despite his talents far surpassing those of the average, venues to perform at were scarce and studio projects would fall through, causing a frustrated Toofless to cease writing temporarily. His passion would be renewed upon a chance meeting with Sol-Phonic through mutual friends in the fall of 2006. Encouragement from Sol-Phonic lead to Toofless's involvment in Sol-Phonic's projects and quest to create a strong Dubai based hip hop outfit. And the rest is history.

Sol-Phonic was born in Sudan and raised in Dubai. Growing up listening to the sounds of his father's Soul and Funk collection, Sol-Phonic developed a taste for the groove. He recalls seeing a classmate performing on the drums at the age of 15 and marveling at the raw sound and energy produced. Despite his new found interest in delving into music he could not afford a drum kit. Instead he constructed a contraption out of old pillows, cushions, chairs and tennis rackets as a substitute; whatever it took to get into the music. A few years later he would join a death metal band, it would be his first time playing on real drums and would lead to his first stint as part of a live act. The group dissolved over time, but not after making a name in Dubai's rock scene. Sol-Phonic kept himself involved in music, learning how to construct beats using software. This coincided with some of his early experiences with true hip hip, turning his passions to beats, rhymes and life. Inspired by people such as Madlib, Dilla, The Roots, DJ Premier etc. he worked his way towards purchasing his first MPC and setting up a make-shift studio in his bedroom. Over the course of the next few years he would hone his skills, with an eye out for any and all whom he could work with to make his dream of having his own group come true.

DJ Solo originally hails from High Wycombe, UK. He discovered hip hop in 1989, when hip hop was everywhere in his home town. His first taste of music came via the piano, and later the guitar, but soon after he started collecting records he started djing around Wycombe as most other DJs seemed to be representing different musical genres. After moving to London in 1998 his skills and love for the music developed. He played regularly at his college, internet radio stations and local coffee-shops around Whitechapel where he resided. Also around this time he was the third member (scratch dj) of D'n'B collective White Noise (now Diverted), playing up and down the UK including warm-up for the Scratch Perverts. Whilst in Dubai he has been the scratch DJ for local jazz collective Abstrakt Collision, playing gigs in Lebanon and Dubai, and featuring on two of their albums. He was introduced to production early on by his friends however, it wasn't until he bought his MPC that he started making beats on his own. As one from a diverse musical background his first compositions were somewhat experimental, but later as he came into contact with MCs his sound became more focused. A lover of funk ridden boom bap hip hop, he has played frequently in Dubai, Lebanon and Sri Lanka, and continues to organise events in Dubai promoting the music he feels, which is hard to come by in the desert. One gig he organised featured fellow Middle east hip hop head Boikutt (Ramallah Underground), from Palestine. More recently he has taken up a friday residency at his new night 'On The Corner', spinning Soul, Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop.

Currently the group is workin towards their first release, and performing live around Dubai. Watch this space for further developments and updates on their events and releases. Diligent Thought is also interested in collaborating with international artists. 

The Glimmers

 Back in 1987, Mo & Benoelie were DJing for Ghent's youth every weekend, playing all sorts of music which was loved in those days. Back then they already reasoned that they should never shut themselves off from any style of music, that every blend, every genre, every movement was theirs for the taking.

At first, they were being turned on by the strange and experimental sounds coming from the city's Boccaccio club. Over there, 12-inches were purposefully pitched down and extended, the result being a deep, metronomic, groove-laden experience, which later would be called ‘Belgian New Beat’.

Also back then, they made their first trip to Ibiza. Seeing Alfredo playing early electronic stuff mixed with all sorts of pop and funk at Amnesia, Mo & Benoelie really got hooked. Always open to new musical revolutions, they adapted all these sounds and experiences and took them to their new 300 capacity residency called the Fifty Five where they were playing every Saturday marathon sessions from 10pm till 8am.

A couple of years later, when there was practically only house music being played in clubs, Mo & Benoelie were being seen as the 'outsiders' in the Belgian club scene. They played 'other' stuff, different stuff. They were not afraid of mixing records from The Residents, or The Cramps, or even campy disco in between the 'popular' 4/4 house & techno music. Soon they started to develop a loyal following, which would later result in a new scene in Ghent's diverse but booming nightlife.

New parties were being thrown at different locations, and all promoters were trying to find the most original one, because in Ghent there were no Clubs at all. You had 'Free The Funk' in an old glass factory, 'Pablo Eskimo Bar' in an old underwear factory, 'Belmondo' in a contemporary arts museum, 'PopLife' in one of the city's oldest concerthall..
Meanwhile, the legendary R & S Records (that was also based in Gent) released "Free The Funk Compilation 1" back in 1995, which was an unmixed compilation with mostly instrumental, mid tempo electronic funk.

Four follow ups and a lot of parties later, Mo & Benoelie programmed the first Eskimo compilation: "The Past Presents The Future, The Future Presents The Past" (2000). Their amalgamation of new beat, funk, dub, house, techno, party hip hop, new wave, edgy post-punk disco and more was a revelation to those bored of linear mix albums.

Several ‘Eskimo Volumes’ and a ‘Blue Note Sidetracks’ later, in January 2003, Johnno Burgess (Bugged Out!, Jockey Slut) decided to give the guys a break and invited them for a DJ slot at one of his Bugged Out! parties @ The End in London. Since then, they were being seen all over the world as the Glimmer Twins.

In 2004 they shortened their name into 'The Glimmers' for various reasons and to celebrate that they released their highly acclaimed 'Remixed, Re-edited and F*cked Up' album for Eskimo Recordings (The White Box).

A DJ Kicks in the famous series for !K7 Records followed (2005), they mixed their 'journey' in the amazing FabricLive series runned by top night club Fabric in London (2006) and more recently they released their new mix CD ‘Eskimo Volume Five’.

Remixes have been done for a.o. Bloc Party, The Killers, New Order, Roxy Music, Isolee, Phoenix, Pop Del Arte, Snow Patrol, Calvin Harris, Shirley Bassey and The Chemical Brothers.

Also a series of 12"s are finding their way towards the record stores on their own imprint called Diskimo Records in vinyl format only. Check www.diskimo.comhttp://www.diskimo.com/> for a little more info on that. <

See You Next Thursday!!

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