Silent Thrillers

sssh_disco_dubai.jpgYou won’t hear anything even at the height of the battle but there’s a group of DJs getting ready for a war on the dance floor,  battling it out as they make clubbers go wild in silence at Dubai’s first ‘Ssshh Disco’ events. 


What is Ssshh Disco?

‘Ssshh Disco’ is a new clubbing concept where clubbers are given a set of wireless headphones which can be tuned into a restricted radio frequency through which the music of the DJ(s) is broadcast. When using two DJs, they play simultaneously on two separate channels which means it gives you the choice of listening to what music you want to hear. ‘Ssshh Disco’ earns its name because anyone walking into the event would see a venue full of people dancing, yet hear no music. 

Pumping the headsets at Ssshh Disco will be:

Friday October 31st
Layali Tent, Mina a Salam Beach
Da:Funct vs DJ Solo
Wednesday November 12th
Sho Cho at the Dubai Marine Beach Hotel and Resort
DJ Elie vs DJ Cem


Dubai International Rugby Sevens
November 28th
Andy Buchan vs Rude Larry 
James Clar vs Salah Sadeq
Dubai International Rugby Sevens
November 29th
Mark Evans vs  Rude Larry
Mach 4 vs Markus Intalex 


How it Works; a typical Ssshh Disco works like this:

·         Each clubber gets a pair of wireless headphones.
·         Two DJs play from the same booth offering a completely different style  broadcast in FM.
·         Each person can control the channels between the two DJs via a frequency selector on their headsets.
·         The club/event runs as normal with lights and dancing but with no sound coming from any external speakers.
·         Dancers can either throw on a headset and get into the groove or stand back and watch the rest of the people dancing and singing along to a DJ that only they can hear.

Heineken spokesman in the Middle East, Ian West, says: “Ssshh Disco is already getting a fantastic response from clubbers and DJs in Dubai and these first events will be ground breaking and something really innovative in the club scene. The anticipation is growing and we are expecting up to 1,000 people at each event.”   

Ssshh Disco is brought to Dubai by Heineken and organised by 9714; entry to all events is free of charge.



Ssshh Disco

The idea of silent parties has been around since the mid 1990s, when eco activists found that the easiest way to get large numbers of people into certain areas, such as a forest that was being logged, was to put on a party. However, a party could cause distress to animals living in the area as the noise generated by such an event could be disruptive. So a solution was needed for particularly sensitive areas, a solution that could incorporate a party while limiting impact upon local wildlife. A suggestion of playing music over headphones would not only limit sound disruption but also give those attending the event the experience of a new form of party. 


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