The Inaugural "Back 2 School" Festival

back_2_school.jpgCenter Stage Management (CSM) is proud to announce their new festival brand, the ‘Back 2 School’ music festival, to be held in Dubai Festival City on October 17th 2008 from 2pm until midnight. Held in association with GEMS Education, this one-day event is for children and teenagers aged 18 and under only. It is the first of its kind to be presented in the Middle East. That’s what makes it exciting for everyone : students, parents and teachers! The Back 2 School concept is made up of upstream mentorship programmes, as well as 8 national talent competitions, to encourage creativity, learning and to stimulate minds.

Incorporating the theme “Shout. Share. Live. Unite”, the ComposeIT, DesignIT, ExpressIT, MoveIT, SingIT, SnapIT, RockIT, WriteIT competitions will be held as a way of unearthing some of UAE’s youngest and most dynamic musicians, writers, film-makers, designers and photographers from different age categories. Deadlines for most entries are on September 23rd 2008 and winners will be announced on the day of the festival, on the main stage. Auditions will be announced on the website www.back2schoolfest.com .

“COMPOSE IT!” The applicant must write original lyrics to an imaginary song that would last no longer than 5mn.

“DESIGN IT!”, sponsored by Splash : For those whose passion is designing, this is their opportunity to create the official T-shirt design for Back2School Festival.

“EXPRESS IT!” A unique opportunity for those interested in film, to record a 2 and a half minute short-movie on the theme. Finalists’ films will be played on our giant LCD screens during the festival.

“MOVE IT!” sponsored by Lacnor: Each choreographed team of dancers will be judged on a choice of 2 songs. Winners will perform on the main stage on October 17th.

 “ROCK IT!” sponsored by Spellbind Records: Whether into rock, pop or hip hop, bands must submit a video of them performing their own original track or a cover version of a famous song and be one of the finalists, to perform on the main stage on October 17th .

“SING IT!” choirs will be auditioned on the theme song “This is the Time”, for the chance to perform on the main stage on October 17th.

“SNAP IT!”- to be confirmed The best photographs will be shown on giant screens at the festival, where a certificate will be handed to the winner. (Original non-manipulated work only).

“WRITE IT” A creative 1,500 word (maximum) film script, short story or poem must be submitted on any subject.Compositions maybe based on real life experiences or imaginary adventures and tales..

Mentorship programmes will be revealed soon. They will provide an opportunity for young adults to actively take part in putting the festival together with CSM.

‘Back 2 School’ would not be complete without an international super star! CSM is conducting a survey in schools and on the website, for students to choose who they’d love to see perform at their event.

A range of activities will be conducted for all ages on the day of the event, which will require their creativity, skills and will develop their team spirit whilst having fun!
From the traditional face painting to dancing-heads video, dunk-the-teacher game to forming a drumming circle, a big ‘arts and crafts’ area, drawing graffiti and so on. For young adults, a dance tent will provide a venue for them to socialize and experience a club atmosphere (with non-alcoholic beverages).

The inspiration for this event came from listening to what tweens (11-12 year olds) and teens love:  their favourite music, artists, hobbies, interests and to what parents seek for their children. GEMS Schools share the same vision as CSM for a student-orientated event, which reflects their ethos and gives a taste of the school environments: “Our aim is to have an educational, fun and lively event in Dubai, targeting the young ones for the first time in Dubai. With their skills and involvement, Back 2 School is an event that they can call their own!” explains Jackie Wartanian, General Manager of CSM.

GEMS students will benefit from discounted rates, regular updates, direct registration at their schools and CSM will work with teachers at various GEMS schools to produce various activities and to support the above competitions and develop mentorship programmes. A selection of tickets will be available at GEMS Schools.

The event is not limited to the GEMS School network and is open to all students 18 and under in the GCC.

-      GEMS :

Regular children ticket – AED 125
Family package : 2 parents/guardians and 2 children – AED 450

-      Non-GEMS :

Regular children ticket – AED 150
Family package : 2 parents/guardians and 2 children – AED 500

For more information:

Mathilde Montel
PR & Marketing Manager
Tel : +971 4 339 05 50
fax : +9714 339 55 34
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

More activities and facilities will be announced on the website www.back2schoolfest.com.

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