The Return of the Classic Suit

M2M launches its Spring/Summer Collection

Made 2 Measure, a high end bespoke boutique located in Dubai’s up market Jumeirah 3, has launched its 2011 Spring/Summer collection of finely handcrafted classic suits for men.m2m_classic_suit

While the classic suit has always been the preferred choice of the high level corporate executive, what is distinct about the current trend is the sleek, masculine look with broad shoulders, a jacket that fits well on the waist and tapered trousers - a slim structured tailored outfit as opposed to the earlier unstructured off the shelf suit.  The jacket is essentially single breasted with broad, peaked lapels and one or two buttons.  Variations such as slanted pockets and a ticket pocket on the right side of a jacket add to the classic look.

Fabric selection is of prime importance when it comes to creating the perfect suit.  And with summer here, lightweight fabrics in light colors are the obvious choice.  The stylists and master craftsmen at M2M who deliver 'made to measure' and bespoke suits of the highest quality have the backing of a vast range of the world's finest fabrics sourced from the best international brands that use the latest technological advancements in the textile industry with the introduction of lightweight fabrics and nanotechnology.  For the classic men’s suits, they use fabrics with a count of super 130s to super 200s which is perfect for the Bespoke Tailored suit.

“Our target buyer” says CEO of M2M Kamlesh Ramchandani, who has been in the business of made to measure Bespoke suits for over two decades and who set up the swanky Jumeirah boutique in December 2009, “is the High Level Corporate Executive who is uncompromising when it comes to quality and is willing to pay more not only to look good and portray the right professional image within the company and to clients, but also as a fashion conscious gentleman who wants to stand out with his impeccable sense of dressing and style in a social environment.”

M2M, however, goes beyond the business suit concept for the corporate executive.  They create wedding outfits for bridegrooms, for whom the current trend is the Tuxedo with a Brocade Vest and a Cravat Tie.

There is also a segment of younger, more flamboyant men who keep a close eye on the latest fashions in the west. To help their clients find a style to suit their every whim and fancy, the boutique has a large collection of the latest magazines in the stores library.

Sure, it’s the return of the classic suit as presented by M2M but even if you have other ideas, Made 2 Measure will guide you and clothe you to perfection.

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