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Looking for Ballet and Dance Schools in Dubai? Whether you are planning to get into dancing as a career or simply as a hobby, Dubai has plenty of places you can receive expert lessons. Below is a sample of the top ballet and dancing schools in Dubai. As you will note, some of them offer ballet lessons exclusively while others have comprehensive (adult, kids, Hip-hop, ballet) dancing lessons. Visit the web addresses indicated to learn more about these courses.

Ballet Schools In Dubai

 The Ballet Centre

Launched in 1985, this is one of the oldest dance schools in Dubai. It has locations in Motor City and Jumeirah. They provide professional ballet lessons to children and young dancers with yearly examinations from Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

Harmony Ballet & Music Centre 

Located at Ibn Battuta Gate, this music and dance center offers ballet lessons for different ages, from preschool to high school and beyond. Lessons are crafted to fit different genders and for different skill levels.

Ballet Studio Assoluta

This center focuses mainly on young children and teens in its ballet lessons. They take in children as young as four years so as to prepare them adequately and in time. The ballet courses are all round, incorporating ballet etiquette, athletics and classical music theory. They are located in Sun Flower Building along Financial Centre road.

Enana Ballet Academy

It is located in Dubai’s Media City. Lessons are available for both kids and adults and for all skill levels, from beginner to professional. The focus of their ballet courses is classical, which gives learners a stronger foundation for ballet and other dances.


Dance Schools for Children In Dubai

Step Up Academy – Dance Schools for Children

This dance academy was launched in 2011 and is based in Motor City. They are the only center in the UAE with the right to provide US KinderDance programs. Under these programs, children between 3 and 5 years can learn a variety of dances under professional instruction. Other kids’ dance lessons include ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, street jazz and break dancing among others.

Turning Pointe

Founded in 1996, this is one of the most popular dance schools in Dubai. Various dances, including jazz, ballet, modern, street jazz and Hip Hop are taught to kids as young as 3 years. They welcome children who want to learn dancing professionally as well as those who are coming for the sheer joy of it. All skill levels are also welcome.

Ocean Kids

Ocean Kids has been around for more than 2 decades now. It is an institute providing training and enrichment programs in various arts, including dance, for both kids and adults. Located in Karama, the center has well-furnished studios perfect for children dance lessons. Contact them for details onc lass scheduling and charges.


Kidville is the best place for everything young and fun. They have a wide variety of amenities to suite everyone from toddlers to older children. Some of the dance lessons offered to kids include Middle Eastern Dance style and rhythm, Hip Hop dancing, tap dancing and ballet. Fun for your little one is guaranteed.

Adult Dancing Schools in Dubai

James & Alex Dance Studios

James and Alex are highly successful salsa dancers. Their vision was to help many others achieve their dancing dreams through quality training. At the James and Alex Dance Studios, you can receive training in a wide variety of dances ranging from ballet to cha cha to ballroom dancing. They also teach Hip Hop, tap dancing, Zumba and Salsa.  Contact them for schedules and prices of group and private dancing classes.


Dance Studios Dubai

It had enrolled only 150 students one year after its launch in 2011. Today, it boasts of over 1,000 students. They mostly teach ballroom dances to adults, with most learners opting for private lessons. They also have lessons in wedding dances. They are located at Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Dance For You

They provide all kinds of dance lessons in genres such as waltz, ballet, wedding dances, disco, Cha Cha, merengue, salsa and rumba. Dance lessons run every day of the week from 10am in the morning till 10pm in the evening. Their professional studios are located at TECOM.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Arthur Murray Dance Centers Dubai. Thousands of people have perfected their dancing through the Arthur Murray dance teaching method since it was debuted in 1912. There are two Arthur Murray dance schools dancing studios in Dubai; at 201 Reef Tower in JLT and 1 West Block in Burj Khalifa.

Choreography and dance companies

 Contemporary Dance Dubai

Whether you need choreography for a dance production, a photo session, for theatre or for a corporate event, CDD or Contemporary Dance Dubai is here to help. They have world-class dancers and choreographers from the worlds best dance schools that will go to any length to ensure that your goals are met. They can provide choreography for events both in Dubai and abroad. Contact them for full details on services and pricing.


BNF Dubai

Source: BNF Dubai

BNF provides a range of services related to entertainment, dance, and performance. If you need quality entertainment at your next event, this is the company to hire. They will leave your guests feeling exhilarated at the display of sheer talent. You can hire them for parties, concerts, shows and corporate functions. Contact them to discuss your next event and they will help you make it a success.

Nora Dance Group

Nora Dance Group in Dubai started as a dance school in 2006. Since then it has taught thousands of dance students and expanded its services to include entertainment for functions, concerts and corporate events. They also provide management services for large events, flash mobs, and theatre productions. If you are looking for professional choreography services, they also provide them.
Contact the company at for more information.

Diverse Performing Arts School 

Diverse Performing Arts Dubai

Source: Diverse Performing Arts Dubai

This is one of the most sought-after entertainment agencies in Dubai. Whether you are seeking entrainment for a large concert or a small business luncheon, Diverse Choreography can provide customized entertainment that is perfect for your needs. They can also help with TV advert production, flash mob management, and fashion events. Their talented staff includes professional directors, expert choreographers, singers, and dancers.

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