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So you want to be an actor and you are looking for the best online acting courses to help you learn and master the art? It is fair to say that although there are lots of online courses available on the internet covering lots of different acting styles, not all of them are equal.  Here is our breakdown of the best online acting courses available on the web that offer a comprehensive and good quality of online acting course for the budding thespian.

Master Class – The best of the best online acting courses

World's top 10 online acting courses - Masterclass

Source: Masterclass

Ever wanted to learn from the best in the game? Here is your chance. provides budding actors from all over the world with a chance to take video lessons from the biggest names in Hollywood.

For just $90, you can receive 5 hours of lessons from Kevin Spacey (House of Cards). For the same price, you can also 24 video lessons from the highly acclaimed Dustin Hoffman.

To be great, you have to learn from the greatest. Master Class is your once in a lifetime opportunity to do exactly this. The awesome price point and the amazing amount of content make master class our recommended acting course for most people wanting to learn acting online and it is our recommended best of all of the online acting courses available on our list.

Rod Rowland Coaching – best online acting coaching

Instead of the crowded marathon acting classes, Rod Rowland provides one-on-one private acting lessons. Having worked on over 100 TV shows and films, Rod has the real world experience every budding actor so badly needs. His major credits include NCIS New Orleans, Castle, and The Mentalist.

He will share with you what makes a good actor/actress. You will learn how to impress casting directors, how to let the fear and tension go and how to grow your career from one point to another. He will also teach you the business side of acting. Prices start at $100 for one hour of acting lessons. The more the hours you need the less the total cost. His website is

Jeffrey Meek – Online acting course & private lessons

The World's Top 10 Online Acting Courses - Jeffrey Meek

Source: Jeffrey Meek

Jeffrey Meek expansive filmography includes Criminal Minds, Castle, Charmed and John Delaney Died Last Night. He has taken all his knowledge and experience onto his online acting lessons at Whether you are planning to get into theatre, film or television acting, his lessons will prove immensely helpful.

His lessons include subjects such as auditioning for stage, film and television, script breakdown, public speaking and confidence development among other lessons. A Skype session will cost you $75. The average length of one session is one and a half hours but can extend for as much as 2 hours depending on the nature of the lesson.

Anthony Abeson – Online acting lessons & private coaching

His Rolodex of clients include names such as Jennifer Aniston, Sherri Saum (Gossip Girl), Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) and Kery Butler (30 Rock). To join his list of high-flying clients just go to his website at to start your acting lessons.

His 25 years of individual and group coaching experience will give you the head start you need in a punishingly competitive industry. His lessons focus more on experience than theory, giving students ample opportunities to sharpen their skills.

Acting lessons start at $250 per month. You can also enjoy private coaching lessons (though not online) at $120 per hour or $60 per half hour.

The Heller Approach – TV & Film acting courses

Brad Heller studied acting under the famed Don Richardson. His own highly successful acting career has equipped him with the skills and experience to help other growing actors. Some of his students include David White, Mary Gilbert and Masi Oka (Hawaii 5-O).

The Heller Approach has been praised for its affecting style of teaching, ensuring that students come out ready to confront the mountain-sized challenges of real-world acting. In addition to teaching film and TV show acting, he also deals with professional comedians.

Visit Brad’s website at to query him on prices for online acting lessons.


Online Acting Classes


Master Talent Teachers – Online acting training

Master Talent Teachers is a pool of great teachers and acting coaches who come together to prepare a new breed of talented actors. Their training traverses various genres including comedy, teen and child acting, commercials, dancing, TV hosting, Theatre, and voice acting.

Training is done through free online videos and blog posts. Whatever area of acting you are thinking of going into, you get valuable training at no cost at all. Even better, the training is provided by some of the biggest names in the industry including Dicky Eagan (writer for Tonight Show and Late Night among others), Diane Christiansen (a highly sought after Hollywood acting coach) and Terry Lindholm (dance agent).
Their website is

 iActing Studios – Low cost, effective online acting classes


The world's top online acting courses - iActing Studios

Source: iActing Studios

How would you like to learn from names like Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Carolyne Barry and Scott David (casting director, Criminal Minds)? These people have instructed stars like Halle Berry, Jim Carrey, and Kevin Spacey.

This is the opportunity you get when you learn acting online at Once you register you will receive two hours of free lessons to start you off. You can then move on to the $59.99/month beginner classes. These include 8 hours of lessons per month. The unlimited option will cost you $99.99 per month.

Oxford College – Online acting diploma & acting school

Oxford College in Georgia offers a comprehensive online diploma in professional drama. This course focuses mostly on theatrical acting, making it ideal for those planning to get into the theatre. There are 10 modules averaging 20 hours each. The diploma will cost you £365 (or $533) for the entirety of the program. Students are given the option of paying this fee in installments making this one of the afforable online acting courses that actually leads to a level of certification.

In addition to the actual acting, the diploma also covers aspects of lighting, costumes and setting. See the full details of the diploma at – Voiceover acting classes & courses

World's top 10 online acting courses -


Expand your career options by learning how to do voice-overs like a master. is essentially a platform where voice-over experts and companies needing their services can meet. For budding actors, it also offers online lessons in voice acting.

There are two types of lessons offered; basic voice acting lessons for beginners and professional voice acting lessons for advanced learners. All the lessons are free of charge making this a great option for those seeking out free online acting courses.

Whether you want to get exclusively into voice acting or simply add it to your acting career, is a great place to start.

Michael Caine Online Workshop – Home based acting lessons

World's top 10 online acting courses - Michael Caine

Source: Amazon

This last entry is not exactly a course but rather an online workshop Michael Caine conducted for the BBC. Michael Caine is a renowned English actor who has appeared in over a hundred films including Zulu and A Bridge Too Far.

In an online hour-long workshop he provides essential lessons for both amateur and professional actors. He talks about rehearsing, film acting and the importance of being relaxed when acting among other things. You can see the entire workshop video for free at

It may not be as intensive as a full acting course but you will learn some important tidbits that will take you a long way.

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