Dubai's Biggest Hotels - Largest Dubai Hotels by Room Number

Dubai's Biggest Hotel

Dubai’s Biggest Hotel, and Largest Hotel Operators 2016

Dubai's Biggest Hotel

Receiving more than 10 million tourists yearly, Dubai’s hospitality sector does well in keeping up with the huge demand. One evidence of this is the high number of huge hotels that have come up over the years. Every year, the number of hotel rooms added to the hospitality industry number in the thousands and there does not seem to be a sign of any letup in the near future.

There is especially a focus on developing 4-star and 5-star luxury hotels.

We look at the hotels and hotel chains that take the leading positions in terms of size, in Dubai at least biggest often equates to the best, so we evaluate the largest hotels and operators.

In this case, size is defined in terms of the number of hotel rooms and other amenities such as restaurants.

It is important to note that these rankings are based on the current situation. As mentioned, the hotel industry in Dubai is growing in leaps and bounds. In a few months or a year, larger hotels and resorts might come up and eclipse those that currently take the top positions.  This data is up to date for 2016.

Top 5 Largest Hotels in Dubai

1. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Dubai's Biggest Hotel - Marriott

The largest hotel in Dubai is located in Business Bay, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai takes the top spot with 1,608 hotel rooms and more than 20 restaurants spread across 72 floors in two separate towers. The hotel also includes the super luxurious Saray Spa and a health club that offers yoga and personalized fitness lessons among other activities.

2. Atlantis, The Palm

Biggest Hotel Dubai - Atlantis, The Palm

The hotel, situated at the apex of the easily recognizable Palm Jumeirah takes the second spot with 1,539 rooms and 23 restaurants. You can choose to stay in a standard room or enjoy an experience of a lifetime by booking one of the underwater rooms.

3. Gloria Hotel, Dubai

Biggest Hotels Dubai - Gloria Hotel, Dubai

Gloria Hotel, located in Internet City, has 1,010 rooms and 7 restaurants and bars. It is the last of the only three Dubai hotels with over 1,000 rooms. The hotel is especially popular with business travelers coming to Internet City.

4. The Address Downtown Dubai

Biggest Hotels - Biggest Hotels Dubai - Address Dubai

The iconic Downtown skyscraper rises to 63 floors and has 822 rooms and suites. For dining, there are five restaurants, including dining lounges and bars. Important to note is that The Address Downtown Dubai is temporarily closed after a fire broke out on several floors during New Year’s Eve 2015 / 2016.

5. Grosvenor House Dubai

Dubai Largest Hotel Address Dubai

The 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai Marina spreads out across two 45-story towers featuring 749 apartments, rooms and suites. It has 7 restaurants, bars and dining lounges. One of the restaurants, Rhodes 1 is led by Michelin Star winner and celebrity chef, Patron Vineet Bhatia.

Top 5 Hotel Companies in Dubai

The booming hospitality industry in Dubai has attracted numerous hotel companies to the city. Some world-popular brands have set up a chain of hotels in different locations across Dubai. Here are the hotel brands with the biggest footprints in the Arabian city.

Jumeirah Hotels – Not the largest hotel group in Dubai

Jumeirah Hotels - Not the largest hotel group in Dubai

Jumeirah Group is one of the largest hotel groups in Dubai and fast becoming a global leader on the world stage, although it is not the largest operator by number of rooms in Dubai alone.  The multi award winning portfolio includes:

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel – 202 rooms and suites famous as the worlds 7 star hotel
  • Jumeriah Emirates Towers – 400 rooms and suites
  • Jumeriah Beach Hotel – 618 rooms and suites famous wave hotel
  • Madinat Jumeirah – 292 rooms and suites hotel in the centre of a local attraction
  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – 405 rooms and suites, classy elegant vacation destination


Dubai's Biggest Hotel - Marriott

This luxury brand mostly associated with business clients has six locations in Dubai. It also owns the largest hotel in Dubai, bringing its total room count to more than two thousand. For dining and leisure, more than 30 restaurants and bars are found within its hotels. The Marriott hotel chain in Dubai is by far the largest group among those discussed here.

• JW Marriott Hotel Dubai – located in Deira and featuring 351 rooms and suites.
• JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai – the largest hotel in Dubai with 1,608 rooms.
• Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites – This 252-room and 59-storey hotel has its location at Dubai Marina.
• Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Dubai – A 5-star 310-room hotel located in Bur Dubai.
• Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai Creek – A luxury business hotel located near Dubai Creek and featuring 172 apartments.
• Marriott Executive Apartments Dubai, Green Community – another Marriot business hotel located at Dubai Investments Park. It includes 72 apartments.

The Address Hotels Group

Biggest Hotels - Biggest Hotels Dubai - Address Dubai

The Iconic hotel chain has over a 1,000 rooms and suites spread over 5 hotels across Dubai. In addition, there are more than 10 restaurants serving its hotels.
• The Address Downtown Dubai – the fourth largest Dubai hotel with 822 rooms.
• The Address Dubai Marina – 200 rooms and suites and 5 restaurants of pure luxury. Located at Dubai Marina.
• The Address Dubai Mall – just next to the world’s largest mall and overlooking the world’s tallest tower, The Address Dubai Mall features 244 rooms and 3 restaurants.
• The Address Montgomerie Dubai – 21 rooms, 3 restaurants and a world-class golf course set within the lush Emirates Hills community.
• The Palace Downtown Dubai – an infusion of Arabian culture with modern luxury in Old Town Island. Consists of 242 rooms and 4 restaurants.

Sheraton Hotels


Sheraton is a Global hospitality brand with five locations in Dubai, totaling over a thousand rooms.
• Sheraton Deira Hotel Dubai – features 229 luxury rooms and suites.
• Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers – consists of 268 suites and rooms offering panoramic views of the creek.
• Sheraton Dubai Mall Of The Emirates Hotel – includes 94 luxury suites and 481 guest rooms.
• Sheraton Grand Hotel – located near the World Trade Center, this 5-star hotel features 180 serviced apartments and 474 rooms and suites.
• Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort – enjoy the heaven that is Jumeirah beach at this 256-room luxury hotel.

Ramada Hotels

The Ramada Brand makes its presence in Dubai through 5 locations, totalling up to over a thousand rooms.
• Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach – this luxury JBR hotel features 365 rooms, which include studios, suites and apartments.
•Ramada Deira – Located in Dubai Deira, offering easy access to various amenities including the airport.
• Ramada Dubai – Located in Bur Dubai and featuring 174 rooms and suites.
• Ramada Jumeirah – A deluxe 252-room hotel on Jumeirah beach.
• Ramada Downtown Dubai – serves the busy business and leisure hub of Downtown Dubai. It consists of 181 luxury rooms and suites.


Largest Hotels Dubai Hilton

The famous hotel company has established three luxury hotels in Dubai, bringing its total room count in the Emirate to just over 900.

• Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort – enjoy the paradise that is Jumeirah Beach at this 5-star Hilton hotel. It features 389 luxuriously furnished rooms and 15 restaurants within its premises.
• Hilton Dubai The Walk – connected to Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort via a footbridge, this luxury hotel features 362 rooms, suites, studios and residences, all offering spectacular views of the sea. • Hilton Dubai Creek – the 150 rooms in this hotel provide breathtaking views of Dubai Creek. For fine dining choose from the four bars and restaurants available. Located in Central Dubai, travel to and from the hotel is easy and quick.

Other Hotel Chains

The above are the largest hotel chains in Dubai, but not the only ones. Others that have set up locations within Dubai include Radisson, Movenpick, Hyatt and Crowne Plaza.

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