Catering Services Companies in Dubai

Dubai Catering Services Companies

Dubai is the world capital of events and catering services in Dubai are well established to provide a full range of services. Every day, scores of corporate, social and private events take place across the city. In response, the catering industry has risen rapidly to satisfy the rising catering needs. Whether you are planning a wedding, a party or a business conference there are plenty of catering companies to choose from.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Catering Company

Ask these questions to make sure that you are making the right hire for your event.

1. Which type of events are you most experienced in?

Some catering companies deal with specific types of events such as corporate functions, parties or weddings. While a catering service that is an all-around provider is good, one that focuses exclusively on the type of event you are planning maybe even better. They will know exactly what you need and even offer suggestions on how to ensure everything goes smoothly.

2. Who will be in charge?

From the get-go, it is important to make clear who will be in charge of the entire catering part of the event. This is the person you will be in communication with. If something goes wrong or needs to be handled urgently there is nothing worse than going up and down talking to every catering staff member. Having someone in charge ensures that everything will be properly and efficiently handled.

3. How will you run things?

While it is important that you leave the caterers to do their job, it is also crucial that you know how they will run things. This ensures that everyone is on the same page about what will happen at the event, at what order it will happen and who will be in charge at every stage.

4. Do you offer extra services?

Check whether there are extra services you can get from the catering company and whether there will be any extra charges. Some catering services also do venue hires while others can offer desserts and a bar for the event.

5. What do you need from me?

This is a very crucial question and you should not leave without asking it. Ask the catering company what they need from your end for the day to be a success. Some of the most common things caterers will ask for include number of guests, special dietary requirements, and event timetable. Apart from these standard requirements, ask if there is anything else they need.

Top Catering Services Companies in Dubai

This is a list of the top catering services operating in Dubai. Most of them serve a variety of events including weddings, conferences, parties and corporate functions.

Procat – UAE based events caterers

Procat Catering Services Dubai

Source: Procat Catering Services Dubai

Procat consists of a large team of qualified and health certified caterers form a variety of nationalities. They services include industrial catering (e.g. construction sites), institutional catering (e.g. schools and colleges), event catering (weddings, parties etc), corporate catering and kitchen consultancy.
Visit their website to learn more about their services and to submit any inquiries you may have.

Outdoor Catering by Holiday Inn Dubai

Which kind of outdoor event are your planning? Is it a yacht party, a beach party, a wedding or a family gathering? Whatever it is, trust the outdoor catering experts at Holiday Inn to take care of everything. With years of experience and the best experts on their staff, expect nothing but the best.
Visit their website today to choose what menu you want for your event. They can serve Mexican, Thai, seafood or Arabian cuisine. You can also request a custom menu catered specially for your guests.
Other than social events, they also do catering for business and corporate functions. You can make a booking or send an inquiry to their website. Just click the link given above.

Emirates Flight Catering

If you happen to need in-flight catering in Dubai, Emirates Flight Catering is more than glad to oblige. They have been providing world-class catering for decades to numerous airlines flying in and out of Dubai International Airport. The ultra-modern catering facility can produce more than 175,000 every day.

Dubai Catering Companies

Fairway Catering – Commercial catering company in Dubai

Fairway Catering Services Dubai

Source: Fairway Catering

This company has a wide range of food services. Its primary focus in on events catering with its services extending to outdoor functions, business events and social events such as weddings and parties. Another major service they provide is that of managing food outlets. If you are looking for a company to manage a restaurant, canteen or fast food outlet, contact Fairway Catering today.

Abela & Co – Commercial catering

Founded in 1967, Abela & Co is one of the oldest and most accomplished food management company in Dubai. Their catering services include corporate catering, offshore and onshore oilfield catering, hospital catering, institutional catering, hotel staff catering and event catering. They have the best chefs and catering staff to ensure that you get only the best services.

In addition, they provide several support services including food safety consulting and training, nutrition consultancy and janitorial services. Contact the company for any inquiries.

Dish Catering and Events – events catering services

Mouthwatering menus, legendary customer service and top of the line efficiency…these are just some of the things Dish Catering and Events are known for. Dish is one of the best-known catering companies in Dubai and they have worked hard to retain their high reputation.

If you need catering for your event, need to hire the perfect venue or hire event equipment, they are the go-to company.

Private Chef Catering – hire a private chef for your event

Chef Xchange Dubai

Source: Chef Xchange Dubai

Private Chef catering Dubai is generally more expensive compared to traditional catering services. The cost will go even higher if you hire a well-known chef. You however get to enjoy specialized catering service with your every need being catered to.
Private Chefs are ideal if you are on holiday in Dubai or when you are holding a small event such as a family gathering.

You can contact catering services to see if they provide personal chefs for home catering. Alternatively, go to the website Here you will find an exhaustive listing of private chefs in Dubai along with customer reviews and a description of their specializations and experience Different chefs will have different price tags with some of the most expensive charging 400 AED per person. But you can also find cheaper ones charging around 55 AED per person.

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