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Sometimes spelled Daba or Diba, Dibba is a large natural harbor lying on the Northern Emirates’ east coast. It has proven to be quite strategic in settlement and maritime trade since the Islamic era. Make your tour a momentous one by choosing any of the following best three places to stay in Dibba UAE:

Royal Beach Hotel & Resort

You will discover the Royal Beach Hotel and Resort to be family-friendly Indian Ocean property featuring a hot tub and pool bar set within an outdoor pool. The units are quite elegant and offer spectacular balcony view.
Guest units have excellent accommodation facilities among them satellite TV and plush beds. Certain pools have their own private hot tub and indoor pool. You also get to keep fit at the on-site fitness center. A professional driving center hosted by the hotel arranges trips to nearby dive locations. Massage treatments and a sauna are just some of the lavish amenities present within the Resort precincts. Young ones can enjoy the kids’ pool and playground facilities offered here as well.
On-site too is Dibba Rock Restaurant, availing a splendid international cuisine covering breakfast and lunch through dinner. Dibba rock warms your view while taking meals while Dolphin Snack offers juices and various sandwiches on the beachside. Dibba center is just 15 minutes away by road.

Sea Side Furnished Flats

Situated next to the main road leading to the business center of Dibba, Sea Side Furnished Flats allow for easy access to shopping spots and beaches. You get to enjoy air-conditioned, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments furnished in full and featuring a captivating balcony city views.
The flats too have fully-equipped kitchens and living areas with satellite TV. Expect the brightly-colored décor done on the units to catch your eye. Laundry and ironing services are offered all around the clock by staff. Car rentals may be arranged according to need to any tour site, including Dibba beach, which you can drive to within few minutes.

Holiday Beach Motel

The picturesque Hajar Mountains overlook the Holiday Beach Motel, which offers guests a direct view of the Indian Ocean. It is situated in Dibba, Fujairah and has quickly gained popularity with locals and visitors to the UAE alike.

The motel sits on Musandam Peninsula’s east coast, presenting the ideal location for anyone to relax while on holiday. Accommodation here is comfortable and spacious. Get to view Dibba Rock Island while enjoying the first-class cuisine offered by the recreational facility. Outstanding leisure facilities await guests too, including Swimming Pool, Billiard Bar, Barbeque Facilities, nightclubs, jogging area and beautifully-manicured gardens. A playground is available too for little ones to enjoy as well.

Guests residing at Holiday Beach Motel have access to a Diving Center, open to people of every age bracket and staffed by seasoned and professional PADI instructors. The vacation facility as well offers seaside activities such as snorkeling and magnificent sailing boat or dhow excursions of the Musendam Peninsula.

You only need an hour’s drive to reach this motel when traveling from Dubai. Get to explore the unique attractions of Fujairah once there, including palm groves, ancient fjords, and historical landmarks. The seclusion and privacy it offers guests makes it a delightful place to spend your weekends or holidays.


Radisson Blu Resort Dibba


Diba is one of the main towns that is located in Fujairah one of the 7 emirates that form UAE. It is well known for its unique and out of this world diving spots making it a crystal clear treasure for anyone who enjoys the sport. Waters here are refreshingly warm where you don’t even need a wetsuit. You will also enjoy swimming with a variety of marine life such as Moray eels, turtles, trumpet fish, barracuda, crayfish, angelfish, puffer fish, stingrays, clown fish, harmless blacktip reef sharks and many more to ensure you enjoy a fantastic diving experience. You can factor this when looking for accommodation in the incredible town and some of the hotels with diving Diba UAE include:

Radisson Blu Resort

This is a 5-star resort that is located between Hajjar Mountains and Arabian Gulf in Dibba. It offers modern and private rooms that feature panoramic views of the ocean. It also has 5 outdoor pools, full spa service inclusive of a hot tub and fitness center. It also has a kids club and professional diving and water sports center that are made available upon request. Outdoor dining is possible at the beach restaurant where you can enjoy tasty meals, cocktails, enjoy music and watch sports.

Mirage Hotel

This is a great hotel that is located in Sharief Mall in the beautiful town of Diba. It offers a gourmet restaurant, gym and swimming pool and guests can also enjoy Wi-Fi in all the areas. Featuring classic and elegant décor the rooms offer a living room with comfortable sofa, TV, minibar, hairdryer and electric kettle. Persons who are interested in diving can access the beautiful beach of Diba that is only 10-minute drive from the hotel. Guests are given free parking on the site.

Holiday Beach Motel

This is a gem that has a private beach with incredible views of the Indian Ocean. It is well known for its professional diving center that provides the thrill of open water and scuba diving with friendly and trained instructors. Sailing trips can also be organized for the guests to visit the incredible Musendam Peninsula. Most rooms here have air-conditioned chalets and are built around an outdoor pool with stunning views of beautiful gardens.

As noted above, there are numerous options when looking for hotels with diving Diba UAE. All you have to do is check out what they have to offer and choose the one you like best.


Dibba is a beautiful city that is located in UAE. There are many tourists coming to this place to enjoy their vacation. This article can give you top ten things to do in Dibba UAE. It is a small border town that offers beautiful scenery for all tourists coming to Dibba. There are many offices, shops, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in this town.

 Cruising around

This is the first activity that you can do in Dibba, UAE. There are several cruise agencies that offer daily dhow cruises around Dibba harbor. Many people are interested to cruise around this small town. There are some tours that are offered for all tourists.

 Nomad Ocean adventure

If you love diving, you may want to try this attraction. It offers stunning diving spots for all tourists coming to Dibba, UAE. There are a lot of marine life creatures that you can see with this attraction.

Enjoy high-quality tea

There are a lot of types of teas that are available in Dibba. If you are a tea lover, you may want to try some local teas in some local restaurants. You can try some tea varieties that are offered in this town. Most restaurants may offer their favorite tea varieties to their guests.

Visit Dibba castle

Don’t forget to visit Dibba castle when you are in this town. This castle becomes very popular among many tourists these days. It offers unforgettable adventure for all tourists in Dibba, UAE. This is one of the most popular historical buildings in this area.

Take picture around the Portuguese fort

This is another great historical building in Dibba. If you want to learn about the history of this town, you may want to visit this Portuguese fort. You can take picture with your families in front of this historical building.

Enjoy the beauty of Hajjar Mountains

Many people want to visit Dibba, UAE because they want to enjoy the beauty of Hajjar Mountains. It is a perfect place to enjoy your vacation with your families. The evening is the perfect time for you to enjoy these mountains. They offer very beautiful scenery for all people.

Hanging around the beaches

There are some beaches that are available in Dibba. You can hang around these beaches to spend your time during your vacation. You are able to have comfortable sunbathing on these beaches. Many people also want to do the same thing when they visit this town.

Do some water sport activities

When visiting Dibba, UAE, you are able to do some water sports activities, such as snorkeling and swimming. You can enjoy these water activities with your lovely friends and families. Swimming around these beaches can give you a memorable experience.

Watching the fishermen’s activities

You are able to spend your vacation time by looking at some activities from fishermen in Dibba. There are some fishermen who do their regular activities around Dibba beaches. You can also greet and talk with them to enjoy your vacation in this city.

Take the mountain safari

Don’t forget to take the Khasab Wheel Drive tour to enjoy the mountain safari. This safari is going to bring you to a new journey passing some beautiful mountains. Many people want to choose this option. It is a suitable option for people who love nature things.


When traveling to the United Arab Emirates, one of the most popular places everyone wishes to visit is Musandam. It is uniquely located at the tip that divides the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It overlooks one of the busiest waterways in the world, the Strait of Hormuz. The tip of Peninsula hosts the capital city known as Khasab together with some other small cities and townships. You can choose to visit this region for a short duration like on weekends, but it will be more enjoyable if you planned to stay there for about 2 weeks or more. Even when on a two-day visit, one can still explore much around the capital. If you have been planning to travel to this region, these expect to see and do some of these things.

The must do things;

The scope of the activities and sceneries you may see largely depends on the amount of time you have.

Boat-riding along the Musandam fjords

You can take a boat to go and see the attractive and inviting fjords in Musandam. It is one of the best activities you will find tourists doing in this region. What creates fun and amazes many are the encounters with strange and real marine life like dolphins. It is advisable to come with kids most of as it offers a lifetime chance to observe nature in its making.

Visiting the khasab castle

For those who like history and learning new things and cultures, it will be wise of you to visit and see the wonderful and moving exhibitions in this castle. You will be able to learn something about the culture and history of people living in the region. From here, Fort Bukha is 30 kms away.

Camping at Bassah

For those who like camping, then Bassah beach will be your place of interest. It is just next to the Golden Tulip in Khasab. Though crowded, this place is one of the best sandy beaches in the region. If you don’t book early, you will find other beaches for that reason.

Diving and snorkeling

There are so many places just in Khasab that will relive those who love diving and snorkeling. You will easily access these activities in the city. The good thing is that you won’t need to travel so far as they are nearer to each.

Visiting the Oman gulf

It is on the way to East Coast of UAE. You pass cites ghostly cities like Dibba. You will even think nobody lives there. You can take a cruise through the gulf and even stop for swimming if you like.

Drive up Mount Hareem

If you want to have that spectacular view of villages and valleys around, then a trip to this mountain will offer you exactly that. It is advisable to use a powerful 4WD for the trip.

Driving along Musandam shorelines

Shorelines in this region provide an exciting, but adventurous feeling. You can even extend your drive via the mountainous road found on the Eastern side if the Peninsula to effectively get that spectacular view of your desire.


Most hotels in which tourists stay arrange for dhow rides. This provides the perfect opportunity to try put fishing. You may just find yourself a dolphin!

Pay a visit to the Kumzar village

This place is on the upper part to the north of the Peninsula. One can only reach this place by boat, thus provides an extra chance to experience marine life.

Book your place in the Golden Tulip

Finally, make book your accommodation with the Khasab Golden Tulip, which is the biggest hotel in the region. Though somehow expensive, you will have a chance to enjoy some of the delicious dishes in the region. It even organizes for cruise travel around the gulfs for its customers.


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