Dubai Hotel Booking - How to get the cheapest rates

Dubai Hotel Booking

Dubai hotel booking does not need to entail hundreds of hours looking for the best rates. When booking a Dubai hotel for a holiday or trip to Dubai, you have a two main options.

When it comes to booking the right hotel you need to find the one based on the reviews and the information available online, such as this website.  When you have found what you consider to be the right hotel you can use one of the popular third-party booking websites or book directly to confirm your Dubai hotel booking.

How to save money on your Dubai Hotel Booking by shopping around.

Firstly don’t believe all of the hype, prices on large booking sites such as are not always the cheapest so it pays to look around, comparison engines like Hotels Combined or etc pull prices from a number of online travel agencies allowing you to compare prices quickly, so you may want to do a quick search on these two first.

Do not discount booking with the hotel directly, many hotels will provide special offers and discounts on their own websites.

Generally the contract that hotels have state they have to keep parity in the rates they offer each online travel agency – however that does not include any discounts they may offer with discount codes or when you sign up to a mailing list, so ensure that you check the direct website of your chosen hotel in Dubai when it comes to booking.

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Hotels will often offer time limited deals on hotel deal sites, or shopping discount sites, we have listed a complete list of these sites on our Dubai Hotel Deals article to help you navigate your way.

Of course it does pay to shop around, but by how much? Well during our research we found massive differences in prices on booking systems, in terms of late notice bookings prices could be as much as 40% cheaper when direct deals offers or last minute deals sites were used.

For a seven day family holiday in Dubai for a mid priced hotel of around $300 per night savings by spending just an hour shopping around could amount up to as much as $840.00!! Well worth an hour of your time unless you are earning over $840.00 per hour, if that is the case get your PA to shop around for you and donate the money to charity.

Top Dubai Hotel Booking Websites – 2016 Category Winner

Dubai Hotel Booking Hostel World

If you would prefer the cheaper prices offered by Hostels and Bed & Breakfasts, this is the site for you. You can book a hostel on their website or one of the mobile apps.  Do not be put off by the name, Hostel World has lots of hotels listed and prices are cheap and it could be the best option for your Dubai hotel booking.

In 6 out of ten prices checked Hostel World came up cheaper on our sample of 22 hotels and hotel apartments.  However not all hotels are available on Hostel World, so if you want an exclusive hotel you may not find them on this platform.

In Dubai, the website provides listings for a variety of hostels and cheap hotels located within the city. You can make a booking individually or as a group. To ensure that you pick the right hostel, there are genuine guest reviews alongside each listing.

2. – Largest inventory booking platform

Dubai Hotel Booking .com

Launched in 1996 and bought by Priceline in 2005, has grown into one of the most popular booking websites. The website offers hundreds of accommodation options in Dubai including Villas, hostels, rooms, apartments and holiday homes.

Searching for what you want is super easy. You can search by name, location, rating or theme (family, business, romantic etc). Prices are listed for most hotels though you should note that they do not include taxes.

3. – Good for rewards but pay in advance

Dubai Hotel Booking Agoda

Launched in the late 90s and bought by Priceline in 2007, this Singapore-based online travel agency is one of the best when you are searching for the perfect hotel in Dubai. First of all, you can use their services on your computer or any mobile device through their Windows, Android and iOS apps.

Perhaps because they have the same parent company, and have websites with many similarities. So expect the same intuitive searching as in You can search for a hotel by theme, location, star rating or guest ranking before you make your Dubai hotel booking.

To make your search easier, the website recommends the best Dubai hotels based on guest reviews.

4. – Great savings on fly stay combinations

Dubai Hotel Booking Expedia

Expedia stands alongside and as one of the most popular hotel booking websites. Their accommodation offering traverse almost every category from luxury villas to family apartments and cheap hotel rooms. has some pretty great features that make looking for a hotel in Dubai easy. For example, you can find your past searches under My Scratchpad. This makes it easy to pick up from where you left off last. This could be the best option for your Dubai hotel booking if you are looking at a flight and package deal.

You can also sort through hotel search results by name, pricing, guest ranking, landmarks, amenities and accommodation type. This makes it easy to find your perfect choice.

You can also choose to plan your entire vacation on by booking a flight, hotel and rentalcar together.

5. – Scored moderately in best price tests

Dubai Hotels Booking -

The best thing about is that they can provide you with low prices on classy hotels. If your travel budget is a little tight, this is certainly the place to start your search for a nice hotel.

Like most other hotel booking websites, allows users to sort through their searches based on a number of filters. Examples include amenities, accessibility features, location, proximity to landmarks, hotel type, hotel theme and of course guest ranking. So if you need a hotel with free Wi-Fi or a spa, this website makes your search easy.

For your Dubai hotel booking, the website has two options; pay at the hotel upon arrival or pay online.

6. – Time Saving Comparison

Dubai Hotel Booking - Compare

As the name suggests, Hotels Combined compares listings from all major hotel booking websites and brings you the best deal. This allows guests to take advantage of information from the best third party booking websites and enjoy the lowest prices.

If you can find a lower price after booking with this website, they promise to give you a refund equivalent of the difference.

The site uses location to help users find what they want. Once you get search results for Dubai, you can narrow them down based on landmarks, shopping malls, sports centers, beaches and famous tourist attractions. Although it is a great option for your Dubai hotel booking we often found better rates on other sites that were not listed on Hotels combined, possibly because of a time lag issue or because they had chosen not to make this rate available to Hotels

Booking Directly With Dubai Hotels – Normally cheapest

Dubai Hotel Booking Direct

Booking directly on hotel websites has certain advantages that you cannot get with third party booking websites. Here are the top three;

It saves money: Most hotels offer best rate guarantee’ for travelers who book on their websites. This simply means that they will match or lower their rates compared to the lowest rate available on other booking websites.

Other ways you can save money is through special deals and offers only accessible through the website, but also do not be completely reliant on your internet, calling the hotel and asking for the very best rates will often deliver results for your Dubai hotel booking.

Personal Service: Booking directly puts you in contact with the staff of the hotel. This means that any special requests can be handled quickly and accurately, thus giving you a highly customised service. For example, you can easily specify what kind of room you prefer.

More flexibility. Most booking websites tend to impose strict conditions on issues of cancellation. Hotel websites on the other hand tend to be more flexible, most even offering penalty-free cancellation.

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