Dubai Underwater Hotel - Dubai Hydropolis

Dubai Underwater Hotel

A Dubai underwater hotel sounds like a tall order, but the United Arab Emirates is well known for its mega building projects, most bordering on the impossible.

The latest project ‘Dubai Hydropolis’ will offer the largest underwater hotel in Dubai, currently there are some rooms in The Atlantis hotel that offer an underwater stay.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel – The Amazing Hydropolis Project

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest artificial structure on earth, is just one example, another upcoming grandiose project is a Dubai underwater hotel known as Hydropolis, the first underwater hotel in the UAE aims to create an underwater Atlantis for discerning guests from around the world. . The construction began in 2005 and is still going on.


Luxury Underwater – The Hydropolis Hotel

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Restaurant

There are already several underwater hotels in the world including Jules Undersea Lodge, the first ever underwater hotel and there is already an underwater restaurant and hotel room located in the Burj Dubai and a huge aquatic center and aquarium in Atlantis the Palm complex.

Hydropolis is emerging to be the most sophisticated and expensive underwater hotel to be ever built.

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The price tag of the completed Dubai underwater hotel project is estimated at an incredible $550 million. Not many hotels, below water or on land, get near such a figure but this resort will.

According to plans, the hotel proper will be located 66 feet (20 meters) under the water in the Persian Gulf off Dubai, alongside Palm Jumeirah set in its own stunning Neptune style lagoon.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - View

The Dubai underwater hotel property will cover a total area of 642 acres and consists of 220 luxury suites, all complete with a personal butler service, floor to ceiling views of the fishes and other marine life in each bedroom and access to the world class private ocean diving facilities.

The main architect behind the massive resort is German designer, Joachim Hauser who in cooperation with Professor Roland Dieterle designed the massive jellyfish-like underwater structure.

The land on which Hydropolis is being built belongs to the His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The whole project, including its financing and constructions, is managed by the Dubai Development & Investment Authority.

Design Characteristics of the Underwater Hotel

The Dubai underwater hotel Hydropolis is composed of three main aspects; the land station, the connecting subway and the underwater complex itself. The three parts will coordinate the arrival and transportation of guests to their final luxury destination 66 feet below water.

Staying at the underwater hotel

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

The arrival point for guests at this Dubai underwater hotel will be a building designed in the shape of a wave and consisting of several floors. This is where guest will be welcomed and sign in. The land station also serves as a storage for hotel supplies.

A number of other facilities are also planned for the land station. They include a plastic surgery clinic, a marine research laboratory, a restaurant, a theater, a business center and conference areas. Parking facilities and staff rooms will also be situated on the land station. .

The land station is reached via an interconnecting bridge from the sea station to the palm, private beach access will be provided for guests located on the land station.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

Once guests have arrived and signed in, the next step is a mesmerizing journey through an underwater tunnel and into the hotel.

The tunnel or subway will consist of concrete and steel reinforced Plexiglas. This will provide visitors with stunning views of the ocean and the rich sea life and animals that dwell within it.

One of the most unique features of the transport system is that it will use a noiseless train. This will be made possible by locating the train motor in the land station instead of within the train.

Guests will be able to travel to the hotel in tranquility while taking in the aquatic wonders around them.
The tunnel will also be used in the transport of supplies from the land station and into the hotel.

The underwater hotel suites

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

This is the most exciting part of the entire complex. The underwater structure will house all 220 luxury suite rooms. There will also be a number of exclusive royal and ambassador residences that offer unmatched luxury and will offer the ultimate romantic luxury experience fit for the sleep of Poseidon himself.

There are additional plans to include additional underwater facilities including spas, a ballroom, a business center, a cinema, and exclusive international restaurants offering fine dining and up-scale bars.

A large petal-shaped retractable roof can open to allow open-air activities.

The hotel will accommodate not only regular guests but also people who come simply to explore. Upon completion, Hydropolis expects to receive around 3,000 guests each day who will need to reserved their tickets weeks in advance.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

Inspiration for Hydropolis

Hydropolis was inspired by the understanding of the crucial connection between man and water. The hotel and its name are designed to indicate the all important relation that humans have with water and the importance of conserving marine resources in the Gulf.

This is why, along with the hotel, the Hydropolis Foundation was also formed. It will aid in sensitizing the world on the need for more protection of oceans and the life within them.

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

The hotel itself takes this concept into its very architecture, mimicking the human body in a number of ways. Various parts of the hotel represent the nervous system, the motor system and the heart with the center of the hotel representing the sinus node, the heart’s pacemaker.

The original concept of creating a hotel underwater was borne out of a Jules Verne fantasy novel.

The Hydropolis Hotel Rooms and Suites

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

Since the hotel is still far off from completion, not much is known regarding the hotel rooms and suites and their design or amenities. One thing you can be sure of is that the rooms will provided unmatched views of the ocean.

Guests will be able to enjoy the sight of marine life from the comfort of their luxury rooms. Being an ultra luxury hotel, you can expect all the amenities and style associated with five star hotels. Just for comparison, Hydropolis is expected to be a self-declared a 10-star hotel.

Underwater Hotel Room Prices

All these luxury comes at high price to the visitors. Initial speculations put the nightly charges at $5,500. If you can fork that kind of money for a night’s stay among the fish, be sure to catch the opening of the hotel and be among the first ones to check in and check out.

Underwater Hotel Facilities

The Dubai Underwater Hotel - Rooms

To make the stay of guests more fun and comfortable, the hotel will come with a number of facilities both in the upper areas of the land station and down below in the underwater hotel.

For fun and entertainment, there will be spas, a high-tech cinema, an underwater ballroom and bars.

For business travelers, the hotel’s land station will house a business center with all necessary facilities including internet access. Businesses and organizations can also take advantage of the conference centers planned in the land station.

For dining, there will be restaurants that feature both above and below water serving a wide range of international and local Emirates delicacies.

Hotel Opening Date & Delays


The progress of construction of the hotel has been plagued by difficulties arising from the high costs and the potential impact of the structure on ocean and coastal life, news channels and newspapers internationally have been openly critical of the people behind the project.

Questions have been raised as to if the project is a real project based in reality or simply a whim of a child-like fantasy that will be lost on the worlds exclusive travel and tourism market, one news channel stated that the project was the result of an error of judgement on behalf of the head of the project and will simply be another much talked about but never delivered Dubai reality project

The initial opening date had been set for 2006 but was later pushed to 2009 and is still not completed in 2015.

Currently, it is not known when the hotel will ever be open to the public. This means that even famous names will have to wait until the opening date to cross out a stay at ultra luxury underwater hotel’ from their bucket list.

Once it opens, Hydropolis will definitely provide one of the most amazing hotel experiences in the world, it aims to better any existing underwater hotel available and will be a fascinating addition to the Dubai City landscape drawing the most exclusive tourists from all corners of the world.

We will be sure to keep this page updated and will post news as we have it on the Dubai Underwater hotel project.

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