Guest Friendly Hotels in Dubai - Finding 'Bar Girls' in Dubai Hotels

Guest Friendly Hotels in Dubai

This article discusses Guest Friendly Hotels in Dubai, its content discusses the darker side of Dubai’s clubs and bars and is of an adult nature, we urge everyone to watch the video in this page before searching for bar girls and working ladies working in the clubs, pubs and bars of Dubai.

One of the reasons why Dubai is a top travel destination is the fact that it has something for everyone, especially when it comes to accommodation, especially single men searching for those ‘guest friendly Hotels in Dubai’.

Whether you are a family, a couple or a business traveler there is the perfect hotel for you, but those with families may be better advised to steer clear of these hotels.

If you are single, then you may be looking for a hotel with a lively party atmosphere and possibly a hotel that is guest friendly, especially considering some of the action in Dubai’s many bars and clubs. Luckily, you have numerous options to choose from.

Guest Friendly Hotels in Dubai where you will find ‘bar girls’ operating

Here are 10 of the best guest friendly hotels in Dubai with kicking bars and nightclubs with bar girls a plenty, many (not all) of them trafficked as human slaves.

Many girls come from Russia or Eastern Europe expecting a nanny job or to work in a fashion outlet, some, again not all have passports confiscated on arrival and are forced to work in the sex industry.

Some girls come on their own, hoping to make many thousands of dollars a week, some including some Filipino and Asian domestic workers work as prostitutes on the side to supplement a poor income.

The hotel brands and the hotel owners tend to also turn a blind eye to the activity, on the basis that it increases bar profits or hotel occupancy, these are the well known establishments in Dubai that tend to be popular with young ladies looking for company in return for money.

Dubai Hotels are similar to Las Vegas Hotels

Of course the largest international for market for hotels that offer bar girls on tap is not in Dubai, but actually hotels in Los Vegas Nevada.  In Los Vegas cheap hotels and expensive hotels all have their bars and clubs normally linked to gambling within the Casino.

This is worth remembering for USA readers that may be shocked by this article, but the reality is that the high rollers perks in Los Vegas Casino Hotels will often include girls on tap when needed.

1. York International – Mixed international guests

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at York Hotel

Located right at the heart of Bur Dubai, York International Hotel provides an easy rich of tourist attractions, business hubs and shopping centers within Dubai. This is a good thing for those who want to experience a bit of the city when they are there, it also happens to be the most notorious of guest friendly hotels in Dubai.

Inside, the 111 rooms are spacious and well furnished with various amenities such as a TV, internet access and a mini-bar. Rates per night start at around $70 though they vary depending on how many you are and the room chosen.

But the highlight of the hotel is the York Club; the hotel’s very own night club. The nightly entertainment you will experience combined with the guest-friendliness of the hotel makes York International Hotel ideal for single male travelers and it is frequented by Eastern European, Asian and African working girls every night of the week.

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2. Moscow Hotel – Many Eastern European Bar Girls

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Moscow Hotel

Experience a balance of Russian culture with the modern vibrancy of Dubai in Moscow Hotel located at Al Maktoum Street in Deira.

You can get the nicely furnished standard single room with a number of amenities including a mini-bar, internet access, a safe and a TV. Rates start as low as $68 though they can change depending on room booked and date and with the club downstairs this is one of the guest friendly Hotels in Dubai that gets the most bookings.

The highlight of the hotel is the Red Square night club where there is a DJ and live music every night. For a bit more quite, try the Tolstoy Lounge Bar and if you love sports, Hero’s Sports bar is the place not to miss if you are looking for Eastern European bar girls, rates charged here are generally more than in other establishments although it is said that prices reduce dramatically near closing time.

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3. Sheraton Deira – South East Asian Favorite

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Sheraton Hotel

If you are looking for relatively luxurious hotel without breaking your bank, Sheraton Deira Hotel is a good choice. Rates start at around $81 per night and vary depending on the room you book.

The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool where there is also a bar offering panoramic views to go along with the drinks. If you are a sports fanatic, then head over to Lindbergh’s Sports Bar.

If you love to sip your drinks in quiet, the bar is a perfect spot especially in the evenings if you are searching for the company of Asian, Indian and Eastern European bar girls then this is one of the guest friendly Hotels in Dubai that you will probably want to book.

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4. Byblos Hotel – Upmarket

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Byblos

This is one of the most recommended hotels for singles in Dubai. If you are looking for a place that is guest friendly and where the party comes on in the evening, this is the place to be. It is a bit classier than most other hotels mentioned here with rates starting at around $100.

Once you get settled in your room, the first place to check out is the Deck Shisha Lounge. Here you can puff on your shisha while you enjoy the cool breeze. Do not miss out on the maddening fun at Chameleon Club Dubai located at the penthouse. For a taste of true English culture, the Crown and Lion Pub is an experience not to miss and its night club is popular with Arabic, and both Eastern and Western European bar girls.

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5. Panorama Hotel – Active bar scene

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Panorama Hotel

Located at the heart of Bur Dubai, Panorama hotel gives its guests access to shopping centers, business centers and many other attractions. The spacious rooms, seating area and various other amenities ensure a comfortable stay. Rates start at around $100.

Now for the really fun part; there are three different clubs to check out. The Mohabbat 2, open from 9pm to 3am, Bombay Blues open from 9pm to 3am and Sagar also open at 9pm to 3am. Jockeys Pub, an authentic English club and discotheque, is also worth trying out, its popular with Indian, Asian and Eastern European bar girls.

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6. Cavalli Club at The Fairmont – Lots of elegant ladies

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Fairmont Hotel

Most of the mentioned hotels are low to mid range in terms of luxury and cost. If your budget allows it and you want a high-end clubbing experience, the place to book is Fairmont hotel. Rates start at a pricey $330 per night but the experience is well worth it.

Start with the famous Cavalli Club, owned by Roberto Cavalli, a famed designer. Enjoy the best of international DJs mixed with Italian cuisine and classic cocktails. Next take in the unique party atmosphere of Cirque Le Soir open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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7. Radisson Blue – Popular throng of girls

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Raddisson Hotel

Radisson Blue is located just a short distance from the airport and a walking distance to metro and bus stations. This makes getting to and from the hotel very easy. The rooms are a bit pricey, with the nightly rate starting at around $150 per night.

Once settled, experience the never ending fun of the Ku-Bu, one of the most visited nightclubs in Dubai. Live music and a DJ every night until 3pm. If you are hosting some friends, try the Marbles Lobby Bar where there is live music on some days. For a classier experience, try Up on the Tenth, a jazz bar on the 10th floor.

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8. Ascot Hotel – Home of Waxy’s popular with Filipinos

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Ascot Hotel

It is cheap, guest-friendly and has a party atmosphere that never ends. Rates for the rooms start at around $100 but can go higher depending on the date and which room you book.

The real party fun happens at two particular spots. If you love Bollywood entertainment, try the Maikhana Indian Club with live music, flowing drinks and spicy snacks. If you are into sports then the best place to relax and banter is Waxy’s Café, an Irish sports bar.

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 9. Astoria Hotel Dubai – African Ladies Hangout

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Astoria Hotel

This is another good option if you are looking for a place that is fun and low cost. There are a number of rooms to choose from including Standard and deluxe. For fun nights, there is an on-site nightclub and a bar, the bar is very popular with ladies at night.

It is located in Bur Dubai with plenty of shopping and leisure amenities in close proximity.

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10. Majestic Hotel Tower

Guest Friendly Hotels Dubai - Bar Girls at Majestic Hotel

This is perhaps the only hotel mentioned here without a nightclub. The atmosphere here is more for those who love to sit quietly and drink or watch a sports game. It is also very guest friendly. The Barrels Sports pub provides classic drinks to accompany the sports displayed on wide screen TVs. Breathers Cigar Lounge and Bar is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your cigar in one hand a drink in the other.

This hotel always seems to have a lot of bar girls buzzing around during the day.

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Important to Note

Note: Prostitution is a crime in the United Arab Emirates and although it is generally accepted there is a wide amount of female trafficking the authorities tend to turn a ‘blind eye’.  Before you visit for the purpose of picking up a girl for company we urge you to watch this video and ask yourself if you are comfortable being a direct contributor to the problem of sex slavery and forced prostitution in Dubai.

After much deliberation we have decided to publish this article on the basis that this happens, there is no point in denying the extent of this trade in Dubai, and we hope this article will serve to educate families with young children to avoid these Guest Friendly Hotels in Dubai.


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