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Mardel Plata is one of the cities in Argentina, located south of Buenos Aires along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second largest city within the Buenos Aires province and also the 7th largest in Argentina. The name ‘Mardel Plata’ means “sea of the plate region” and the area where the city lies today is known as Costa Galana or the Vulcan Region.

Comparing with other cities in Argentina, Mar del Plata is one of the youngest, having been founded in 1874 by Patricio Peralta Ramos as an industrial center. The first people to settle in the city were known as Pampas by the Spanish people, and they dominated the region until the early 20th century when the Europeans arrived in the country and redeveloped the city into a seasonal summer resort that incorporated a European-inspired architecture.

To date, the resort is still one of the best tourist destinations situated along Argentina’s Atlantic coast and it is normally crowded with tourists from all over the world each summer. Over 6 million tourists visit Mar del Plata each year to enjoy the bustling attractions as well as the unique cuisine, culture, and entertainment. The city is also made of several interesting galleries and museums as well as seaports that are full of attractive spots and support a good number of recreational activities. There are also excellent restaurants and bars which you can visit to enjoy both local as well as international cuisine.

Mardel Plata’s coastline is made of great beaches that span a distance of over 17 kilometers. Some of the activities that you can enjoy while on vacation in the city include water sports, fishing, and touring while accompanied by a lively nightlife in the magnificent clubs and theatres within the city. The city experiences three main seasons in a year, which include:


The summer season in Mar del Plata can be very hot both during the day and at night. The season starts in December and ends in late January, during which the city is always crowded by both the locals as well as international tourists.


During this season, the ocean is covered with strong waves and it falls between March and April each year. Most of the tourist spots are empty during the season. The rains also diminish and the temperatures start to cool down.


The winter season lasts from June to August and the temperatures can be freezing cold. During this season the city is always less crowded and only a few surfers can be found in most spots in the ocean.


When it comes to food, Mar del Plata has some of the best restaurants in the whole of Argentina that offer an exceptional cuisine ranging from classical Argentine menus to the most elaborated international dishes. Argentina’s meat is also recognized among the best in the world, especially the asado (roast meat that is broiled using hot coals) which is preferred by most foreign tourists. There are uncountable great restaurants and hotels in Mar del Plata, some of them include:

The Taberna Baska Restaurant

This is located a few blocks from the seaport. Taberna is regarded as one of the best restaurants that offer excellent seafood including seasoned shrimps, fish, squids, saffron and other mixed seafood stews. It has a good atmosphere and there are no restrictions on the dress code.

Ivo Café

Offering both Argentine and Greek cuisine, the restaurant is located at the bottom of a condo facing the ocean. Each table is set with olives and eggplant soup as appetizers. As you enjoy your meal, you will have a view of an arc of lighting along the Mardel Plata shoreline.

Toreon Del Monje

The restaurant is made in a castle-like design that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Its windows are open 24 hours a day and the visitors can have a great view of the ocean as they enjoy their meal. Toreon specializes in the Argentine cuisine including simple sandwiches, parrila as well as locally caught seafood. Dinner shows take place almost every night and there are no additional charges for the shows. The restaurant also has a lounge (Esmeralda) where several people visit during the day to sample its flavored and alcoholic coffee recipes.

The Sheraton

The Sheraton is made of 2 restaurants (La Pampa and Las Barcas), an indoor and outdoor pool, game rooms, business center and a health club. The restaurant is located near Playa Grande and overlooks both the golf course as well as the military port. It has a children’s area as well as a video arcade making it ideal for families. The outdoor pool is surrounded by a garden and can be used free of charge. However, it is only functional during summer. The indoor pool can only be used after paying a small entry fee.

Amigos del Mar

This is the only Japanese restaurant in Mar del Plata. It is decorated with bamboo stands, jingly background music, and hearty Buena noches.

Hotel Presidente

The hotel president is located a few blocks from the beach and has a pleasant décor that includes dark woods. However, the rooms facing the sea cost more than those facing the land side. The prices are reasonable and parking is also available for an additional fee.


The nightlife at Mardel Plata is outstanding since you can never miss something to do or a place to relax and enjoy yourself. You can choose to visit one of the theatres located within the city center or go to a casino, club or to any of the bars. Some of the recommended places to visit in the evening include la Bodeguita Del Medio, Tango Bjujo, Almacien Condal as well as Sobremonte which has three discos, a restaurant, and a lounge all under one roof.


Torrejon del Monje

Source: TheCrazyTourist.comMardel Plata has over 60 attractions that offer uncountable options for all ages and preferences in all seasons. Its natural environment that includes beaches, ravines, sierras, as well as the ocean, offers a perfect environment to engage in diverse activities, as you come in contact with nature. Some of the attraction sites are best visited during summer when the weather is favorable, especially the beaches and water spots. Some of the most prominent attractions found within the city are:

Aquarium Mardel Plata

The aquarium is located about 10 km south of the city center near the lighthouse. The animals found within the aquarium include crocodiles, flamingos, penguins as well as several species of fish and dolphins among many others. There is a cinema room within the aquarium site where you can visit to catch your favorite movies, and also a place for sporting activities including swimming, water skiing and sunbathing on the nearby beach.

Ship Graveyard

The ship graveyard is where all the ruined ships are kept, half sunken in the water. The graveyard is located next to the sea lion colony. It also has yellow ladders which you can climb and walk on the top to have the best view of the ships as well as several other spots in the ocean.

Sierra and Laguna De Los Padres

This is complemented by a lake and soft hills on its west and is best for a variety of outdoor activities that include biking, rock climbing as well as horse riding.

Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Carlos Castagnino

Formerly known as the Villa Ortiz Basualdo, the Museo Municipal de Arte Juan Calso Castagnino was built in 1909 as a summer residence that was owned by a prominent Argentine family. It has a Belgian interior that showcases sculptures, photographs, and paintings done by various artists from Argentina.
Natural science’s Museum: Built in 1967, the museum exhibits magnificent zoological, paleontological as well as geological material, including a complete fossil and a collection of present-day mammals from all over the world. The museum also has an aquarium that contains both freshwater and saltwater organisms.

Columbus Park

The Columbus park is famously known for its numerous statues that include the Don Patricio Peralta Ramos’ statue that is made of pure Bronze as well as the Christopher Columbus monument which is made of marble. There are several other monuments within the park like La Venus De Milo and Isabel La Catolica among others.

The Sea Port

The Port was initially known as Laguna de Los Padres because of the activities that took place in the port when the Punta Iglesias dock was constructed. It was built in 1984 before Mardel Plata city was redesigned by the Europeans. It has a passengers’ dock on its north, and another dock on the west for general loads. There are three more docks on the ports south that are also used for general load as well as fuel oil as well as several others that are used for domestic as well as international purposes.


There are several places you can tour while on holiday in Mardel Plata including

The Zoo El Paraiso

The zoo features a great collection of both flora and fauna that includes trees and plants from all over the country. The zoo also contains several animals such as pumas, lions, ilamas and monkeys among many others. It is open daily from 10 am up to 7 pm.

Santa Clara Del Mar

The city of Santa Clara is made of excellent beaches and a great climate that is best for walks, relaxing and resting. It is located about 18 kilometers from Mar del Plata’s downtown and you will be able to enjoy the sun and great sand on the beaches.


Built on top of the Stella Maris hill, the Tank Tower is over 88 meters above sea level, providing a wonderful view of the city as well as the ocean. Its main purpose was to provide water to the bordering neighborhoods. There is also the Monk’s Tower, which is the only building constructed on the coast and has a concrete platform that extends inside the sea.

The Immaculate Conception’s Oratory

This forms part of a building that was donated by Mrs. María Unzué de Alvear and Concepción Mardel Plata is one of the cities in Argentina, located south of Buenos Aires along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second largest city within the Buenos Aires province and also the 7th largest in Argentina. The name ‘Mardel Plata’ means “sea of the plate region” and the area where the city lies today is known as Costa Galana or the Vulcan Region.


The city’s suburbs are surrounded by great architectural villages that date from the early 20th century which you can tour. The Otiz Basualdo Village was constructed in 1909 by the Ortiz Basualdo family as a summer house and exhibits unique furniture which has been in place since the time that the village was created. The village has a reception, reading room, music room, oratory, restroom and an elevator. It also has great artwork from artists both within and outside the city of Mar del Plata. There is also the Emilio Mitre Village which was built in 1930 and is composed of a museum and library. The village contains graphics, write-ups and several documentations that contain the history of the city. The library and museum also have many photographs that showcase the history of Mar del Plata since the beginning of the 20th century as well as other historical objects.


Mardel Plata can be reached either by plane, bus, train, car or boat. However, the most convenient way to get into the city is by plane. You can first fly into the Eizeza International Airport which is located at Buenos Aires. Once at the airport you can choose to reach Mardel Plata either by booking a connecting flight or taking a taxi, bus or train. Flights only last an hour or so from Buenos Aires and there are about three flights a day. Cabs are also a good way of reaching the city and the prices are affordable, normally range from between 12 to 17 dollars and it takes about 5 hours to drive to the city from Buenos Aires. The buses are also good, however, they are expensive and most of them will charge you about 20 dollars. You can also go by trains which run three times a day, however, they are slower and the most expensive.

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