The Worst Hotels In Dubai - 10 Hotels to avoid in 2016

Worst Hotels in Dubai

What are the worst hotels in Dubai? If you are about to book a dream holiday then you may want to give these hotels a miss.  Based on consolidated reviews from over 20 online travel agencies and review websites, these hotels have performed the worst in 2015 – 2016.

We have delivered a synopsis of consistent review complaints and issues for each of these hotels, however we would remind you that hotels and hotel management changes very quickly, and for that reason you should read all of the reviews yourself and make your own decisions based on your own requirements.

Of course what some people may view as bad in one hotel you may view as a benefit, and for every hotel that has performed badly in the reviews and guest feedback there are positive comments and happy customers, which we have highlighted where possible.

The worst performing hotels in Dubai based on customer reviews and feedback

Important note – this is not our own experience, reviews and listings are based on lowest aggregate negative or low ranking reviews across 20 + booking sites, feedback on issues relates to previous guest feedback are the guests own.

So without further commentary, here are what we consider to be the worst performing hotels in Dubai in 2015 – 2016.

Al Rabia Hotel – Bad location and poor service

Al Rabia Hotel - Worst Hotels in Dubai

Guests had several complaints to make against this hotel located in Dubai Deira. One of the complaints is regarding the hotel’s location, which guests say is very noisy. Noisy enough it would seem to drag the reviews down to make the worst hotel in Dubai list.

Overall, most guest complaints have to do with the level of customer service by the management and staff. On several occasions, the hotel overlooked errors in the booking process leading to guests getting the wrong room or not have their booking confirmed.

These issues could probably be easily solved with a booking system and channel manager upgrade or course, for the service issues its clear that the team here require further training.

On the upside however, there are no complaints in regards to cleanliness. The hotel prices are also low, making it an ideal place for anyone travelling on a low budget. There is also free Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Sun & Sands Hotel – Blasting Music Annoys Guests

Worst Hotel In Dubai - Sun and Sands

Despite the name, all is not well with the Sun & Sands hotel according to previous guests.

The number one complaint was the loud music from the hotel nightclub, which played till the early hours of the morning. Several other guests noted the poor quality breakfast and the nonexistent customer service.

Some guests complained of lack of certain amenities in their rooms.  It seems as though Sun and Sands Hotel needs an upgrade to its rooms and its soundproofing, and the chefs and food and beverage budget need a serious overhaul if it will escape the worst hotel in Dubai list.

On the bright side, the hotel, located along Al Rigga Road, is in a good location near the airport and close to the city center. This means travelling and access to various locations is easy.

Zaineast Hotel – Not clean and cockroach issues

Zaineast Hotel worst dubai hotels

The state of the rooms was an issue many guests took with the hotel located a few minutes from Dubai International Airport. Of concern were the many cockroaches scurrying around rooms. The hygiene level in this hotel seems to be a problem. The rooms are also not very comfortable, with customers complaining of hard beds and noisy air conditioners.

One good thing about Zaineast Hotel is the price (starting at $50) and proximity to the airport. So if you are looking for a really cheap place in the city, you might want to consider this roach motel.

Armada Hotel Al Barsha – Cleanliness problems

Armada Hotel Al Barsha - Worst Hotels in Dubai

Cleanliness was also a major issue with this hotel. Customers complained of bugs in the rooms and the bar toilets.

Guests noted that the staff, especially those at the front desk, did not speak English, causing problems in communication, a string of low star and rating reviews ensured the Armada made the worst hotels in Dubai list.

The staff also tended to be rude and unhelpful. For those looking to access the internet in the hotel there is unfortunately no Wi-Fi.

For this hotel, the location is a major advantage. Guests noted that there are plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Mall of the Emirates is also nearby. As for the prices, they are ideal for a low budget traveler.

Dream Land Hotel – In desperate need of an upgrade

Dream Land Hotel Dubai's Worst Hotels

The main problem with Dream Land Hotel was the rooms. Customers complained that the rooms were poorly kept, dirty and full of old furniture that was almost falling apart.

The small size of the rooms and the lack of free Wi-Fi were also common guest complaints. The customer service was also noted as poor.

For travelers on a very low budget, you might consider this hotel. Prices are low and if you are staying for just a night or two, things are not all that bad. You can get a room for two at just $60 per night.

Shalimar Park Hotel – Impolite and tatty

Shalimar Park Hotel Worst Hotels Dubai

This Deira hotel had the same problem with most other hotels on this list; cleanliness and room quality. One guests even complained of being given a very dirty room with no working toilet.

Certain amenities like the shower are in very poor shape. Another major concern was the extreme impoliteness by the staff.

Nightly rates for the hotel start at around $50, making it an ideal option if your budget is tight. The hotel is also conveniently located near the city center, giving you access to many other locations.

Sahil Hotel – Roach issues and run down

Worst Hotels in Dubai

The rooms are described as unclean and full of cockroaches. Some guests say that the rooms have a terrible smell. Others noted that various amenities, like the shower, were not working properly. Guests also say that customer service was in serious need of improvement.

As bad as it may seem, most guests complemented the location, noting the convenient proximity to other major locations in Dubai. Most also accepted that the hotel was a good value for money especially if you are looking for low-cost accommodation.

Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel – Falling apart

Sahil Hotel Worst Hotels in Dubai List

The hotel needs a revamp. The rooms and various other facilities are old and falling apart. Either dirty and stained towels or no towels at all are provided to guests in their rooms.

The staff were also reported to be rude and insensitive to customer needs, going as far as withholding passports for long periods with no reason.

The one advantage of the hotel is closeness to Al Rigga metro station, which is just a five-minute walk away. From the station, you can access downtown Dubai and the airport.

Golden Square Suites – Generally bad

Golden Square Suites Worst Hotels in Dubai

While guests certainly did not expect anything special from this low-budget hotel, the poor quality of service was astounding. The rooms were small and dirty with housekeeping being delivered very poorly.

There is also a major problem of misrepresentation. One guest was made to believe that there is parking available and was frustrated to find none. Another expected a relaxing rooftop pool only to find a very small one only 90 cm deep. Other complaints include terrible food and poor customer service.

The hotel is in a good location, providing access to shops and other amenities. The hotel’s prices are very low, ideal for low budget travelers. Most customers noted that for the prices charged, the hotel provided the right value for money.

easyHotel Dubai, Jebel Ali – Room shared with fungus

easyHotel Dubai, Jebel Ali Dubai's Worst HotelsNot all low-rated hotels are in Deira. This one in Jebel Ali had several complaints with the major one being the really small rooms.

Other guests noted that the rooms were unhygienic and the beds uncomfortable. One guest complained of fungus growing all over the place and the floor being dirty. The quality of customer service from the staff left much to be desired.

For business travelers visiting the free zone, this is an ideal low-budget place to spend the night. Wi-Fi is available if you want to get some work done but charges might apply. All in all, it is a good value for money.

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